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Staycation Interruptus


Attention! Nous allons dans la Suisse, parce que le Papa veut faire son bicyclette dans les Alpes, la Maman veut faire le swimming dans les piscines et les enfants voulez manger le chocolate et beaucoup, beaucoup de Gruyere. Alors, nous avons Staycation Interruptus pour une semaine. A bientot.


Achtung! Wir gehen in die Schweiz weil Papa moechte Fahrad in den Alpen fahren, Mama will in den Seen schwimmen gehen und die Kinder wollen Schokolade und sehr viel Kaese essen. Doch haben wir eine Woche Staycation Interruptus. Bis Bald.


Please note! We are heading to Switzerland so that Daddy can ride his bike up the Alps, Mummy can go swimming in the lakes and the children can eat chocolate and tons of cheese. It appears we have a week of Staycation Interruptus. Back soon.


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

10 thoughts on “Staycation Interruptus

  1. Gosh! Have fun.

  2. Ich hoffe dass Sie eine wundervolle Woche haben!

  3. Have a wonderful time. And beaucoup de Gruyere!

  4. Enjoy! Please eat some fabulous chocolate and cheese for me!

  5. Um… that picture of the chocolate has made me soooo hungry!!!

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