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Are the Germans Getting It Wrong?


I went to church twice today for two end-of-the-school-year services. Since I am not big on organised religion or church, that’s probably my fill for the rest of the year.

I did notice something odd though – the Germans sit to sing and stand to pray. I’m sure I remember it being the other way round in Anglo-American-African churches.

Now I’m off to France to camp in a field. May God let his sunshine shine upon us. I believe I have earned it.


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12 thoughts on “Are the Germans Getting It Wrong?

  1. No kneeling? Easier on the knees I guess!
    Hope your prayers bring you plenty of sunshine and not a mozzie in sight.

  2. Have fun camping! It sounds so wonderful! As for the sitting and standing, you’d think they’d stand to do both, so as to give both singing and praying maximum volume. xo

  3. Happy camping (never fun in the rain, so I wish you sunshine…)

  4. That’s interesting. In synagogues you stand during what is considered the most important parts, where you are supposed to be in closest connection to the divine. So maybe that’s the same in the German church.

  5. In our church we sing both standing and sitting. America: the land of equal opportunity 🙂

  6. That is so weird – I never noticed that. Of course, I only go at Xmas.

  7. In my tradition, it’s sit for instruction and stand for praise (kneeling optional for prayers of repentence/forgiveness). Singing and praying are both forms of praise. My question is: how can you sing while seated?

  8. Everything you do sounds so exotic. Camping…meh, in France…exotic!

  9. Happy camping! 🙂

  10. Enjoy camping in France (I guess you’re not going to Paris then, because there are no fields except for Champs Elysees!)

  11. It is important to be standing when you sing so that your breath will work correctly. I am not in a church tradition and was not raised in one either, so I have no idea what the rules are. When I go into a church, usually for weddings, christenings or funerals, I just follow what the other folks do. Except I draw the line at kneeling. If kneeling is on the agenda, I sit quietly and respectfully while everyone else performs that little thing.

  12. Carry on camping! As for Germans at prayer, I wouldn’t be inclined to argue as to their methods…

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