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Examining Navel, Thanks to Blog Award


Thanks to the very lovely Zoesmom and the equally lovely Featherduster for a blogging award and a meme. Here is the award:


To claim this beauty, I have to list seven personality traits, and then nominate seven others. I am always happy to navel-gaze, so here goes:

1. I have a Facebook habit. I like reading people’s updates and looking at the photos. I don’t send gifts and nor do I poke, prod or offer lollies for people to suck, but I enjoy the somewhat conspiratorial aspect of keeping an eye on things and making contact with people I knew 20 years ago. I am also recently addicted to the new version of FB Scrabble (non-US and Canada), so if anyone wants a game, let me know. My present opponents are being rather tardy.

2. I get a sick feeling in my stomach if I am late, so I make every effort not to be. This means I am often early, and I sit around waiting for others.

3. I am not thorough and tend to go for big sweeping overall impressions. I can only be detailed in short bursts. Writing a novel is shaking me to the core of my being, because it is all about details, with one layer being placed on top of another. It’s a kind of architectural thinking and planning that I last used at university and it is a challenge to be doing so again.

4. I love tidiness but can be very messy. My own mess is tolerable, that of others less so.

5. I am extremely sociable, have a lot of friends and love being around people, but I also desperately need time alone. If I don’t find that time to be alone in my head without anyone chatting to me, requiring things from me or wanting me to do stuff, I get snappy and ill-tempered.

6. I am impatient with people who have no interest in others and who use other people as sounding-boards to bounce back their own fascinating words. Really, if you want to bore me with the tedious details of your life without showing any interest in mine, get a blog.

7. I am not good at confrontation, but believe two things – a) that is is important to be my own representative, since who else is going to be, and b) that I need my children to learn that confrontation doesn’t mean the world is going to fall apart – so am trying to be better at it. I find that humour works.

Now I tag:


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21 thoughts on “Examining Navel, Thanks to Blog Award

  1. I can relate to Number 5 – I am exactly the same! Congrats on the award!

  2. Get a blog indeed! You made me laugh with that one, and I can totally relate to number 5. What a fun meme!

  3. Thanks for taking part, your award is well-deserved.

  4. Great award and fun to read! I sympathize with 5 and 6.

  5. Thanks for the tag/award, I’m looking forward to another excuse to navel gaze. Blogging saves an awful lot of therapy hours.

    I’m completely with you on 7 – getting better on things like taking shoes back to the shop, but no good on emotional stuff.

  6. i love these kind of memes (and am totally with you on #2!)

  7. Congratulations on the award and great post. “Get a blog.” If I had a nickel for every time I’ve uttered that. 🙂

  8. Congratulations on the award! Hey – my first tag as Dad Who Writes. That’ll be interesting.

    I’m still more hooked on Twitter than Facebook, for some reason. I really do empathise with the time alone thing (though we seem to have a lot less friends since becoming parents!)

  9. Numbers 4 and 5 are awfully familiar.

  10. I’m with you about Facebook — I don’t actually do that much on it, but I do like checking up on what’s going on and seeing other people’s photos. I’m with you on lateness too — Hobgoblin and I often find ourselves driving around someone’s neighborhood waiting for the proper time to show up, because we’ve arrived early.

  11. Number 6 is hilarious!

  12. Ooooh, fun, thanks for the tag, Charlotte – you have just decided today’s post! Phew, because I was a little short on ideas… Although it’s tempting to just copy and paste yours. Minus the lessons for kids (since I don’t have any), all these things are also exactly true of me. Now I’ll have to come up with a whole other seven things… that’s my challenge for the day!

  13. And congratulations on the award… does this mean you’re giving me one, too?? If so, wow, thanks! I never win anything!

  14. Terrifically candid. I, too, cannot tolerate the mess of anyone other than myself. : )

  15. Congratulations! You deserve this award. I just got off FB and thought I’d mosey on over to Charlotte’s Web (“she always entertaining”), only to find myself poked to do a meme! OMG.

  16. I am finding facebook oddly compelling too! I I love knowing what people are doing and thinking in the little short bursts of those status things — and then when you have more time, it’s fun to look at their photos too. xo

  17. Thanks for the mention. I will definitely do this one. Ouch for number 6 (but very true) and I agreed with the other points too. #7 is very wise.

  18. I found facebook oddly compelling for about a week and a half, then it started getting so annoying I deactivated my page.

    Your navel must be needing a lot of contemplation. . .

  19. “4. I love tidiness but can be very messy. My own mess is tolerable, that of others less so.” Did that tendency increase after you had children?

  20. Pingback: It’s the seven personality traits meme! Uh-oh… « Dad Who Writes

  21. Number 2 – eeeeek. You mean like at Emily Moon?? 😉

    Number 5 – I hear you. Have just had lovely houseguests this weekend and it was fab to have them, but this morning I found myself wanting to take my breakfast and lock myself in the loo to eat it, just so I would not have to talk to aybody.

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