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A Suitable Girl


I’ve just read in the Independent Online that Vikram Seth is busy writing the sequel to his giant novel A Suitable Boy. The new book is, of course, going to be called A Suitable Girl. Seth has been paid an advance of 1.7 million pounds, and the new novel will be published in 2013. My God, I’ll be 45 years old, but it will be worth waiting for.

Seth is my favourite kind of novelist: he is lavish with words, he paints a huge canvas and he is political. He faces the issues head-on, tackles the problems of a continent without fear. As a writer, I admire the vastness, the breadth, the daring. As a reader, I can’t wait to dive in and be lost in that world. Go Vikram! And if you feel like finishing it a little earlier, there is one reader here who won’t complain.

As for the advance, I love it when novelists get treated like superstars.


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7 thoughts on “A Suitable Girl

  1. I do, too, Charlotte. But I’ve just recently regained enough energy to read books of reasonable length. I don’t know how you do it with young kids!

  2. Tried to find a reference on your blog, but failed–more my ‘fail’ than anything else–but have you read Seth’s novel in sonnet form, The Golden Gate? I adored it immensely–especially for the jealous cat, Charlamagne(sp). Glad to hear he’s got another book the horizon.

  3. Good news indeed! Better get cracking and finish A Suitable Boy then…

  4. Yes and we should get huge advances for our next posts!

  5. This is fantastic news! I haven’t even finished A Suitable Boy yet but I want to be in line for this one!

  6. You know what? I’m going to look forward to your review of A Suitable Girl here far more than the book itself. I am not the most patient reader with chunksters, and so I will be immensely grateful to you for summing it up and giving me insight into it without having to actually read it myself!

  7. I’ve never read any of his stuff except The Golden Gate, which I love because it’s set in Northern California, which I also love, and it’s in tetrameter verse form, which just blows me away — only in a few spots do things get a little overly stilted to accommodate the form.

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