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I’m switching off the internet and going downstairs to my office – where my modem conveniently does not work – to write. Just thought you should know that. While I am away, please entertain yourselves with two minutes of madness from the Conchord boys. The line, “Friends laugh together ha ha ha, friends make graphs together la la la” is genius. Watch for the “Ping” – it cracks me up every time.

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

9 thoughts on “Unplugging

  1. Nice. Not sure I would call all the people I make graphs with my friends but I’d love to make a singing video with them sometime.

  2. Those Kiwi boys crack me up.

    Charlotte, I hope you’re tapping away like mad down there!

  3. What a great video! So glad I stopped by here so I can start the day with a giggle and go out with a smile on my face.


  4. Nice one (ping). Good luck with the writing.

  5. What about that muffled sound coming from the trunk?

  6. Those boys are brilliant!

  7. Or is that a muffled sound coming from Charlotte’s basement?!

  8. Oh, ha ha ha! I love it!!!

  9. I keep hearing abotu these guys but have still not watched a single show – I realyl should, by the looks of it! Happy writing 🙂

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