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Good News about AIDS


The BBC reports that HIV/AIDS in South Africa has “leveled off” in the age group two years and older. There are signs that the rate of infection in children and teens is falling. A study by Dr Olive Shishana, former Director General of the Health Department and who now heads up the SA Human Sciences and Research Council’s national research programme on the social aspects of HIV and AIDS, shows that increased condom use amongst the young has led to falling infection rates.

This indeed cause for cautious celebration.

But let’s not forget that those who are worst affected are women between the ages of 20 and 34. In this age range, 33% are HIV carriers. THIRTY-THREE PERCENT.

It’s time for the men of this generation to look to the teenagers, learn from them and start wearing condoms. Be a man; don’t spread HIV.

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5 thoughts on “Good News about AIDS

  1. This stuff makes me cry. Great thing to post about though.

  2. Thank goodness the rate among kids is falling off. That’s where we need to concentrate. Unfortunately, the overall rates that I researched recently documented an increase in infection rates after seeming to level off a few years back. The reason attributed (at least in the report I studied) was that in the early days people were terrified and therefore more careful. Then, with the new medication, people seemed ‘normal’ again so careless behavior ensued. Let us hope the teens are smarter than the adults when it comes to prevention.

  3. This is good news! It appears that the campaign to educate our youth on the disease is seeing some results!

  4. I hope this means teens are being educated in a good way and not “scared straight,” but it IS good news.

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