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Cretan Photo Essay


I’m making a brief layover here en route to Berlin, just to share some images of Crete.

My brother got married here on a balmy Cretan evening:


The monastery at Aptera

The flower-girls wore wreaths of jasmine and carried:


Baskets of rice and lavender

The groom and his dudes wore black tie and:



Your correspondent wore:


Black, and a statement necklace. Also, statement grasses attaching themselves to the hem of her very long gown. A good look.

On Crete, there are many women dressed in widow’s weeds. We saw one driving a Vespa with walking stick in hand, a fat bandage on her leg and no helmet. After having heard the explanation that the term “crone” is sexist and misogynist, my daughter came up with a word for the male equivalent:

IMG_4726Meet the moan

On Crete there are:


Very small churches

IMG_4506Beaches that look like Cape Town

IMG_4502Beaches that look like Barbados

IMG_4814Beaches that look like nowhere else on earth





Now that I’ve really got your attention, I’m off to Berlin. I think it’s missing me.

And my sophisticated sense of humour.

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20 thoughts on “Cretan Photo Essay

  1. Have fun in Berlin and bring us back a shot of the giraffe there too, please!

  2. What fun those pics were! Thanks!

  3. Great pics! My husband and I met on Crete but not the nice part where you obviously went but the grotty PARTY part. I would love to go back and see ‘real’ Crete one day.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pictures! I want on the next plane to Crete…

  5. You never saw a giraffe on Crete! Handsome fellow, though.

  6. You’re sticking your neck out with that giraffe pic. 😉

    That lighthouse photo with the horse I recognise as the port of Chania, right?
    Spent a month on Crete in the fall of 1980 while backpacking around. Two weeks on the beach at Vai near Europe’s only natural palm grove on the eastern tip of the island, moped riding through the windmills on the Plains of Lassithi, the Chania Gorge… wonderful memories.

  7. Look at the colour of that water! And that sundowner at the Taverna! Okay, I have water here too, but it’s winter here and nothing looks like THAT right now!! Glad it was all perfection. Again.

  8. You look beautiful and so does Crete. Looks like it was a great time. Hope you have fun in Berlin!

  9. Just looking at those pics gave me that holiday feeling….. but that Giraffe brought me back home! Send my love to Berlin!

  10. I am loving your blog…it is a boring Thurs. afternoon and I just looked at the Greek wedding. Your photos are brilliant and so is the writing…thanks for enriching my day! I am going to become a regular.

  11. How lovely Charlotte! A beautiful trip and a beautiful wedding.

  12. Thanks, Charlotte. Now I have another place on my list of places I must visit. Crete looks beautiful.

    “Crone” is sexist and misogynist? When did that happen? I didn’t realize this. As a Wiccan, I have learned that the three stages that women travel through in their lives are Maiden, Matron and Crone. A crone is simply a woman past menopause. What about that is sexist or misogynist? In the same way that the words “gay” and “queer” have been defined and limited so that you can no longer say about a very odd situation “That’s queer,” or when you are happy about the daffodils “I feel so gay today,” apparently now we are degrading the meaning of crone and allowing the usage by some of rest of the world to eliminate a very useful word from our vocabulary. I define myself as a young crone, aspiring to be an old crone, and I do not find the word offensive in the least. But then, I was never normal or main stream.

  13. from Cam’s Paris photos to yours of Crete…I definitely have the travel bug now!

  14. I love the pictures and I _especially_ love the wedding outfits!!

  15. Pure poetry, Charlotte!

    I am SO saving up for a trip to ANY of the islands. I’d even ride a bike with a walking stick in my hand!

    (You would have loved the 8 day old baby giraffe we saw at the Lion Park a while ago. Her eyes were still red from passing through the birth channel under such pressure. The softest furry little thing with the longest lashes you can imagine!)

  16. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures. I’m originally from Greece, living in Germany for the past 9 months, and you brought home just a little bit closer!

  17. Thanks for sharing – such wonderful photos! Adding Crete of my places to visit.

  18. I think you should make a point of finding and photographing a giraffe on every single trip you ever take. No holiday can be complete without one.


  19. Thank you so much, Charlotte! I loved looking at the pictures and imagining myself on the beach. I’d love to sit and write there! Also I love your dress and the groom and male party members black and white running shoes! I hope you had a wonderful family reunion 😀

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