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Our Big Fat Greek Wedding


I’m taking a two-week blog break. One of my step-brothers had the brilliant idea of getting married on Crete, instead of in England where he lives, so we are off to celebrate. My other two steps are coming with their girlfriends, whom I have never met, the soulful one is coming from South Africa and my mum and stepdad will be there too. Apart from the fun of the wedding, we will also be having our first family reunion in over a decade. All this happiness in the land of beachside tavernas, azure seas and white mountains.

If you happen to think this good luck is too much for one set of shoulders to bear, let me assure you that it will slightly offset by our six-hour stopover in Athens tomorrow afternoon and our return flight which leaves Chania at 0655, requiring us to wake up at 0400. Being in Greece will be wonderful; getting to and from is a little more strenuous.

The day after we return, we are briefly visiting Berlin, just to make sure it is still there and surviving without us. I should be blogging again by the second week of June.

Till then, I wish you sunshine and happiness. While I am gone, feel free to meditate in the olive grove:


Grateful thanks to Arielle for the image

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14 thoughts on “Our Big Fat Greek Wedding

  1. Happy travels and have a wonderful family reunion! I’d love to see Crete one day, or any Greek island for that matter. I’m just reading My Family and Other Animals to the children, so will be there with you in spirit. (I know Corfu isn’t the same as Crete, but the same beautiful seas and mountains!)

  2. Wishing you a fabulous time with your family in Crete and blow Berlin a kiss for me!

  3. Have a great time! What a wonderful place to get married. And I’m relieved that someone is checking up on Berlin every now and now. It’s the kind of city that might stray if someone isn’t keeping an eye on it.

  4. WOW! You lucky,lucky woman! Have a good trip — xoxoxox

  5. This is outrageous, Charlotte. OUTRAGEOUS. You only just got back from one glorious destination – stunning wedding included – and now you’re off to another? Please. Please tell me how I can do this too. Have a great time (she says grudgingly).

  6. Have a wonderful holiday, Charlotte! I’m sure you will. It sounds like a rewrite of Mamma Mia!

  7. have a wonderful trip, Charlotte! I can’t wait to hear about it.

  8. WHAT!? You just got back, I just got used to coming around here to see what is going on and now you’re leaving again???

    Have a wonderful time, and just remember I am horribly jealous. Tavernas, seas, mountains — sounds like heaven to me.

  9. Jealous. Very Jealous.

  10. Have fun on yet another fabulous vacation. I am discounting the travel inconvenience because I know you’re just saying that. When you get back I have tagged you.

  11. Enjoy!! I hope you have a great time!

  12. Pure bliss! And all this after your long sojourn in South Africa…

  13. Hope you’re having a terrific time. How many air miles have you traveled in the last 6 months — New York, South Africa, Crete? Wow.

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