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In Which I Guest


Today I’m pointing you to other places on the Web where I’ve been writing. First up, tech blogger Vinnie Michandani asked me to contribute to his series “Technology and my Hobby”. I was very honoured to participate, and I wrote a piece on technology and writing. Please check out the whole series, which includes such diverse topics as technology and reading, techonology and soprano singing, technology and horse-riding.

Also, my latest article is up at Buzzine. I reviewed Jamie Woolf’s book “Mom-in-Chief”, and then interviewed the author.

Happy reading!


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

5 thoughts on “In Which I Guest

  1. OK I know the point is the writing but what a great picture! Can I put your picture on my blog?

  2. Great article and picture!

  3. I definately agree with you – I still view typing as a tool, (left brain) and for me to creatively work at something I need to write it down (right brain). As for the book review I may need to give this one a look – I normally avoid these type of books but it appears to take a different view which I am interested in understanding.

  4. The parenting book sounds rather interesting. Sort of a mushy concept from a distance but it works out sensibly close-up.

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