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Home Again, Home Again


Although I had a dream holiday in South Africa, I am so happy to be home. Usually I have a six-week depression on getting back to Germany – everything here makes me cross for being unAfrican, from the weather to the people to the landscape. Somehow this time, I seem to have avoided the crossness. I hate to admit it, but I think a little bit of Germany has crept into my soul.

South Africa is looking wonderful. The amount of work that has gone into getting the country ready for the Football World Cup is astonishing – the new Green Point football stadium is glistening, Cape Town is all shiny, the rail networks are working, the road infrastructures are better than ever. Any football fan who is lucky enough to have tickets for a match in the Western Cape is in for a great time.

And my God, it is beautiful. And funky, vibrant, exciting and alive. What a country. I am so proud to be South African.

So here I am, back in Germany, my South African soul just vibrating with images, memories and ideas from my beautiful homeland and I am not sad. It helps that my mother is living in England at the moment so that I feel close to her and not further away. It helps that the sun is shining and Germany is a sprightly green. It helps that I saw and had time to connect with all my special people in South Africa. It helps that everyone made incredible efforts to travel and be with me in the places I chose to be. It helps that I am going to a family wedding in Greece in four weeks’ time to see some special people. It helps that I have wonderful friends here to come home to. It helps that my children were thrilled to be back and are already rushing off on playdates so that they can be with their friends.

So instead of my usual deep sadness, I am calm, I am happy, and I am just so grateful that I am fortunate enough to be a South African.

And just a little bit German.

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18 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again

  1. LOL – good to see such Joie de vivre.

    Welcome home.

  2. yay! she back! she back!

  3. Welcome home Charlotte – it’s nice to have you back.

  4. Hey Charlotte,

    I really enjoyed reading your post! And being a South African, (Capetonian) I was beaming with pride as you gushed about how good we’re looking! It’s really nice to read esp you being an expat (dirty word 😉
    I work for an online travel company based in Cape Town , and it’s so refreshing to read this post, thanks for your support of this awesome country! and keep coming back! We’re trying our damndest to put South Africa out there on the global travel map, and posts like this really do a lot of good!
    warm regards

  5. It sounds like such a terrific trip, Charlotte. One of my sons is going to South Africa this summer, on tour with his choir. Lucky him! And lucky us, because you’re back. xoxo

  6. I’m so glad you had a good trip and a good return!

  7. glad you had such a great trip! husband is likely going to be going to the World Cup – his sis is an events co-ordinator for Sun Int’l in CT, so he’s pretty sure of getting a ticket 🙂

  8. Great that you’ve had a wonderful time. So good to here that SA’s looking good. It’s making me homesick. lol mel

  9. I wondered when you would be back! It’s lovely to have you home. And glad you had a marvellous time away.

  10. You have the best of both worlds!

  11. I’m glad it has been a cheerful return – the spring sunshine must be helping too – here we have had autumn drizzle for two days so you’re not missing much! It was so great to see you over here, but lovely too to be reading your blog again now you’re home.

  12. Charlotte, I’m so sorry to have missed you at Kit’s . My chosen excursion for the day was a trip to home affairs to renew my daughter’s visa. Yes, you were passed up for grumpy queues and pointless beaurocracy. I know exactly how you feel, every word you have just written resonates. Enjoy being home and here’s to some time in the future…

  13. It changes for me. Some days I just want to go back and other days I’m just so happy I left. It is not easy.

  14. Welcome back and I’m so glad you had a great holiday. (I would have suggested a blog meet-up but I figured you’d be hectically busy seeing all your old friends. Next time.) As for the SA infrastructure, we’re getting there and I’m looking forward to the big event.

  15. How wonderful to feel happy both at leaving and on returning!

  16. Glad to read you again here!

  17. Hello and welcome back! It was so lovely meeting up with you in Plett – just wish we had more time 🙂

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