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Au Revoir


In four sleeps, I will be here:


Cape Town, my favourite city in the whole world. I can already smell the sea. I am also going to be at Kersefontein, Plettenberg Bay, Sedgefield and the Garden Route Game Lodge for the wedding of two of my favourite people in the whole world. I am so excited I could puke, but I will try not to, since it is messy and not very attractive.

I don’t plan to blog while I am away, since I am in need of a technology break. I plan to run, drink wine, play on the beach with my babies, stand around in the tree pose, redraft my novel, spend three heavenly days with my three most darling friends, chill with family, see some animals, eat some fabulous seafood, meet up with very special people and their adorable baby, enjoy sunshine and blue skies, meet some bloggers and have a ridiculous amount of fun.

See you on the other side!

(Thanks to Ifijay for the pic.)


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24 thoughts on “Au Revoir

  1. The photo is gorgeous. Have fun!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you over here! And the weather is supposed to be warmer by the end of the week, so you should have some lovely beach weather. Safe journey and no puking.

  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip! Happy travels!

  4. Have a spectacularly fun time!

  5. Hope you have so, so much fun! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures upon your return.

  6. Yey! Have an amazing time – you are definately going to visit all the best parts! Counting down to my holiday to the beautiful Eastern Cape at the end of April! Sorry to hear you won’t be here on the East Coast. Safe Journey!

  7. Have a great time! I envy you your will power re technology break!

  8. Have a wonderful holiday! Jeanne of Cooksister is also in SA. Wouldn’t it be wild if you ran into each other on Plettenburg Beach?

  9. Have fun!!! enjoy your trip, visiting, technology break, seeing your favourite city in the world – love the picture, too! – celebrations 😀

  10. I love designing software but if I could get paid for hanging out in Cape Town instead I think I’d opt for that.

  11. Can’t wait.

  12. À bientôt! Amuse-toi bien. 🙂

  13. This looks wonderful! Have a fabulous time then come back and tell us all about it! 🙂

  14. Lovely pic and I hope you have a truly fabulous time. Looks like you’ll have good weather. I would suggest a meet-up but the military base is not exactly holiday material 😉 Look forward to hearing about all your adventures on your return.

  15. Have fun and enjoy Cape Town… it’s just gorgeous!!

    Lucky you…

  16. Can’t wait Charlotte. Happy travels

  17. That photo is stunning. Have a fantastic time – it sounds glorious. Best of luck with the redrafting, and thanks so much for the reading offer – please stay tuned on that one while the dust settles on the latest rewrite. But many cheers and please have a fine SA wine for me.

  18. Enjoy your break! take care

  19. Have a great break in your other life. Wish I could do the same.

  20. Excellent – look forward to hearing all bout it when you get back! I’m green with envy…..

  21. Looking forward to hear about Cape Town.

  22. Oh wow, and I’ve just returned from a (sunny) week in Germany! We must have crossed each other somewhere in the sky! Enjoy every moment, Charlotte!

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