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I’d Like to Thank My Mother


It’s award season here at Charlotte’s Web. While I’d like to say I’ve been styled and primped to within an inch of my life, I am sitting here in my pyjamas wrapped in a big fleece blankie. But that’s the cool thing about blogging – you can accept awards from the sofa, without having to go much further than the fridge for the next snack.

My first award is from the ever-amusing Ms Honeypiehorse, who I’m dying to meet since I believe she is just like me, only taller, blonder and funnier. She’s given me the lemonade award for great attitude, which I’m loving since I do try to be just a little bit perky. Here it is:

lemonadeIsn’t it cute?

And I would like to thank my mother, since I have learned it all from her, all the glass half-full, stay away from toxic people, you can do anything you put your mind to, it’s all about the journey stuff that keeps me going. She has been a firm influence in my life and I am so pleased to count her as one of my favourite people in the whole world. Toni, I raise my glass of freshly-pressed lemonade to you.

I get to pass the award on. Excuse me while I go and have a browse in my feedreader.

I’m back! Still wearing the blankie, though.

1. The first award goes to Diana, with her beautiful smile, and completely enviable haircut. Diana’s attitude through recent sorrow – and indeed throughout her long blogging career – is nothing short of remarkable. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade, Ms Martinis for Two. I know you will receive this award more appropriately dressed than me.

2. The next glass of lemonade is for Rae of Journey Mama, who recently relocated to Goa, India with her superstar husband and three small children (a fourth joined them shortly afterwards). Rae faces life with the most incredible attitude, and I have been loving her gratitude posts, which remind me daily to be grateful for what I have.

3. Ms Musings from the Sofa is my kind of girl, all about the books and the shoes. While she lives in the US, she has retained her dark British humour which peppers all her musings. I just know that you’ll drink your glass of lemonade while wearing vertiginous high heels, Ms M, and probably also flicking through an erudite tome.

4. Lia of the Yum Yum Cafe was my first BTRL (Blog to Real Life) friend. I love her attitude, which is thoughtful, engaging and resilient. Lia is an aficionado of European cafe society, and apart from teaching me how to appreciate a great cup of tea, she has also taught me to cherish my writing time and space.

5. P of Life is Just One Big Adventure is a RLTB (Real Life to Blog) friend. She is new to blogging, and I am sending her this long tall glass of lemonade as a welcome to the blogosphere. You have fabulous attitude, dear P, and it shines through in your life and in your blog. I am so glad you are my friend!

Folks, if you can bear it, the love-fest ain’t over yet, for the lovely Kit – who I am about to meet in Cape Town for the first time ever – also sent me an award. This one is for being fabulous! My blankie and I accept the award graciously, for fabulosity is one of our aims. The award looks like this:


Before I pass it on to fabulous others, I have to list my five fabulous addictions. (A list! Hooray!) Here goes:

1. Dresses. For someone who mostly wears jeans and lives in a country where the sun shines for about two months of the year, I own a silly amount of dresses. When it comes to dresses, I am weak-willed. I cannot resist a good one. One day I have will do a dress post so that you can see just how addicted I am.

2. Foolish shoes. I have had a lifetime’s love for foolish shoes – pointy, high-heeled ones that give me blisters and make me walk like a donkey. Ditto the dress post for the shoe post. I live in my Chucks, but gosh do I love those heels.

3. Low-carb eating. Am a convert. Eating, feeling full and Not Having Any Sugar Cravings For the First Time in My Life. I don’t need to say any more.

4. Champagne, sparkling wine, Sekt – really any form of wine with bubbles – preferably drunk at breakfast-time. Lends the day a certain je ne sais quoi.

5. Books! I might not be eating sugar, but I am always hungry for more books.

On that note, I think I will deliver the Fabulous Award to five book-bloggers. Please go on to share the award with others. Here goes:

1. Pete of the Couch Trip. Like me, Pete throws some life into his book blogging. He hails from my favourite African city and never fails to be intelligent and interesting, especially in his field, psychology. I believe that boys can be fabulous too, and Pete, you certainly are.

2. Emily, who claims not to be a book blogger but so is. You are fabulous in every way!

3. One of the blogosphere’s most dedicated book bloggers is the fabulous Litlove. Every post is a seminar, radiant with intelligence and generosity of spirit.

4. Helen of A was Alarmed is completely fabulous, in her writing about writing, books and the escapades of her small son.

5. And the final nominee of this evening is BlogLily, whose blog shines with fabulosity.

Well, that’s a wrap then. The blankie is mewling and wants to be put to bed, and I really, really should stop drinking champagne. These after-parties can get quite out of hand.


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18 thoughts on “I’d Like to Thank My Mother

  1. Oh my! Thank you. I am definitely blushing (and thinking maybe I need to change the title of my blog to something suitably bookish. I mean, it’s about time I came out of denial, when every other post is about books, isn’t it?). BTW, I love dresses and ridiculous shoes, too, despite the fact that on most days you will catch me wearing jeans and, if not Chucks, something that resembles Chucks.

  2. Aw. I have no speech. I have no blankie. But I do have a lot of shoes, so I’ll don a pair — the red ones, I think — and teeter over to the microphone and choke up and say, “everything I ever, ever learned about fabulosity, I learned at the heels of Charlotte and if I could one day ever fit into a pair of her shoes, maybe I would really truly be fabulous, but for now, I’ll go with fabulite, which is the training version of fabulous.”

  3. Congratulations on your awards and thank you for passing them on. I’ll be checking out those blogs.

  4. I only seem tall. People always say, ‘I thought you’d be taller.’ And I expect we will meet some day and you will say it, too. . . have fun in Cape Town!

  5. I like what Bloglily said! That’s such a lovely award, Charlotte, and just a supreme compliment, thank you! I’m so glad I received it propped up in bed on a Sunday morning. It seems I am perfectly dressed for the occasion!

  6. Wah, thanks, Charlotte! This is especially welcome to me because I’ve been feeling decidedly un-fabulous for the past few weeks. I can feel a fabulous spell coming on just because of your award!

  7. You bring such style to the blog awards ceremony – just goes to show how deserved were your awards!

  8. Oh, Charlotte, you do spread such joy and good cheer. Thank you for the award. Still waiting for the first draft. When are you going to be brave enough to let your babybook out of your care and into another person’s company?

    You have got to write Every Single Day when you are in SA. Promise?

  9. Mwah, mwah – congratlations daaaaahling!! Great awards and I love your addictions. I’m with you on shoes but have been threatened with divorce if I bring more home!

    Did you get my e-mail? Want to swap numbers before you head for SA – I can drive up from St Francis to meet for a lunch in Plett. Pls e-mail me your number & we can speak when we are in the Motherland 🙂

  10. Wow! I am so honored! Thank you, thank you. I accept this award (dressed in my pajamas at 4:35p on a Monday).

  11. Like all you have said it before, I am honored to be on your award list Charlotte.
    Thank you so much for all of your support, friendship and book loans.

  12. Aw, I so love these awards because they give me fabulous ways of updating my blog roll – I don’t do much blog reading outside of it anymore and it is so very fun to find new blogs with absolutely no work! Yay for lemonade and fabulosity! And I can’t wait for the dress post!

  13. Darling, your mother has a lot to be proud of. Well done Toni. Also, you need to learn to lie a little. You could have told us you were in one of those fabulously addictive dresses and pointy toed, stilletto heeled creations…Fiction, darling, fiction!!!

  14. PS. Would love to meet. Can’t seem to find your email, but mine is on my chat page on my blog. Drop me a line and I’ll reply with all contact details. xx

  15. Dear Charlotte, thank you so much! This came at a time when I very much needed cheering. Clearly, new vertiginous heels and weighty tomes are in order as a means of celebration.
    And congratulations on your own entirely well earned awards!

  16. Lovely post – and I like your addictions list too!

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  18. Why thank you dear Charlotte for my fabulous award! Computer gremlins have kept me from reading my favourite bloggers as often as I’d like but we’re getting there. Hope you have a FAB time in the mother city too.

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