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Happy Birthday, dear Blog


It’s my blog’s birthday today. Three years of mind burps, fairytales, rants and soul-revealing. Three years of making friends (some of whom I’ve now actually met). Three years of laughing at the Germans (Germans, I love you, truly I do, but sometimes you are funny. I mean who else would call a hair salon “Hairkillers”? Or a ladies’ evening “Ladydinner”?). Despite trying to bring you depth and resonance (you know, because I’m like that), I find that my top three posts are about Valentine’s Day, cakes and children’s birthdays. And the top three search engine terms that brought people here are “charlotte’s web”, “writing strengths” and “lemon drizzle cake”. Which goes to show that when it comes to blogging, you don’t always know it all.

I have not strayed from my initial blogging goals, which were to write regularly, to aim for quality over quantity and to avoid topics like the laundry, my latest head-cold or why I haven’t been blogging lately. I don’t believe in making excuses, but when I do post, I try to make it worth your while. I also aim to be positive rather than negative, so while I love reading biting snark, I don’t really snark myself (unless it’s to do with the Germans).

So, dear readers, on this third anniversary of my blogging life, I hand it over to you. Tell me what you like best about Charlotte’s Web, and in future I will try to oblige.

PS Happy Birthday to my blog-twin, Dorothy.


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34 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, dear Blog

  1. Happy Birthday! I think your aims are terrific ones. My preference would be for you to write as you wish!

  2. Happy Birthday Charlotte’s Web!

    I did vote, but actually I love it all.

  3. It’s always fun to laugh at the Germans.

  4. Well happy blogversary to you, dear C! I voted for YOU as my favorite thing about your blog. Here’s to many more years. xo

  5. Happy Birthday! So happy to have gotten the chance to meet you in person!

  6. Hairport. Head Cut. Hairmony. Skalp. Headfighter. Kopfart. House of Hair. These are some of our favourites in Luebeck. It is as if hairdressers can’t help themselves to come up with the worse possible puns.

    Charlotte, a happy hippy blogging birthday! One of the best days in my blogging life, was the day I tripped over your blog. I don’t even remember what drew me your way, probably something brilliant (inappropriate) on yogamum’s blog. What started out as a love of your writing, turned into love of your quirky, warm, witty, and forever curious spirit. You are the best.

  7. I like it ALL but the Germans are the funniest. And I can leave a witty comments instead of being all totally serious.

    OK I’m reading lilalia’s comment and these hairdresser names are fantastic! Why don’t I have any funny hairdressers in my town??

  8. honeypiehorse, my theory why your town doesn’t have a slew of badly named hair salons, is because the bad-pun virus many hairdressers have in towns like where Charlotte and I live, is a STD virus. And, your town’s hairdressers only pair with other hairdressers in your town and thus, lead this sort of incestuous relationship that is otherwise very unhealthy, but in the case of the bad-pun virus saves them from renaming their shops with a name that is only amusing the first time you see it and it becomes quickly a name you don’t mention to anyone else when they ask you where you got your hair cut, but instead say something like, “you know, the hair salon across from C&A”.

  9. Happy, happy blogversary! I still find it hard to believe you started your blog a mere couple of months before I started mine. You seemed like such an old-hat when I was stumbling along back at the beginning. Who would’ve ever thought we’d have met by now. Here’s to many more successful years of blogging and many more meet-ups.

  10. Happy birthday to your blog, Charlotte! And happy birthday to mine too … I haven’t done anything to celebrate it, but it’s been on my mind. I’m very glad we’re both doing this blogging thing!

  11. I, too, am glad that I’ve stumbled upon your blog. When I first read it, I thought, “How have I missed this for soooooo long”. You are the best thing about your blog!

  12. Without a doubt, my favorite part of your blog is the book reviews.

  13. I like reading you because your writing is fresh and authentic and you never seem to be trying hard to impress. And one day I’d like to be on the list of bloggers you’ve met. You know there’s a Germany expat bloggers’ meetup coming up in Berlin, eh?

  14. Happy Blog birthday, Charlotte. I was going to vote for all of the above – I just enjoy reading you whatever you write about. It’ll be great to meet up with you in Cape Town, can’t wait!

  15. Rants, raves and everything else, are all the things that always makes your blog an enjoyable read! Congratulations for three years of keeping the written word honest, with a writing style that is way above par and able to appeal to many across the Blogosphere!

  16. Happy birthday to your lovely blog and here’s to it’s even lovelier author! May there be many more years of Hairkillers and cupcakes to come!

  17. Hey

    Happy birthday to your blog. I feel a little bit funny wishing happy birthday to a blog but then I went to a school where we had a school birthday and each class had to buy the school a present and then we would all sing happy birthday to the school. So I guess I should be used the weirdness!

    Another year of great posts. I really should comment more (I have been very remiss in this department and not just with your blog).

    Hope all is well with you.

    Take care

  18. Happy Blog Birthday Charlotte! I thought I’d let you know that we have a cleaning company here in Holland called Robbers. Think it would survive in South Africa?

  19. Oh, I’m so not voting. I love it all! Happy anniversary, babe!

  20. I too love everything you write and am so impressed (especially in light of my own recent blogging decline) at how you manage to be so consistently fabulous.

    p.s. all of your readers/commenters are invited to check out my new blog digs!

    the blogger formerly known as yogamum

  21. Happy Blog Birthday! Many, many more please. I love all your posts so it is hard to vote. Just keep on doing what you’re doing.

  22. Hmm, I love your writing & insights, but I also like amusing stories about the Germans. Happy 3rd blog birthday! I’m glad you didn’t take a break like you threatened on 3/10.

  23. I have a blog award to pass on to you on my blog, to add to your fine collection in your sudebar, if you’d like!

  24. Happy blog birthday!! Can’t believe it’s been three years already… and I’ve loved every minute!

    I like your lists most (in this regard I’m sure we are twins separated at birth!!)

  25. Happy third birthday, Charlotte’s blogtoddler! I’m sorry I’ve been a bit of a stranger, I have had limited time on the computer for a long time and I haven’t been able to get around as often as I really want to. I’ve missed you! And anything you blog about is worth reading 😀

  26. I think I’ll have to confine myself to “happy birthday blog” and to simply comment that every time I pass by here, I find something to enjoy, provoke thought or both.

  27. Happy blog birthday. Since you ask, I would like more about South always seems so distant and exotic which, I fear, Germany does not (though v. nice in its way too).

  28. Happy 3rd blog birthday! I also like it all. And the best thing about your blog is undoubtedly you. Funny re the searches though. Lemon cake hey? (Maybe people have lots of (life) lemons which they need to use?)

  29. Happy bloggy birthday from me too. I don’t pop over often enough these days: nonetheless, I have voted!

  30. Oh, Happy Birthday!

    I have to admit loving the German snark posts. Or anything about Germany, German schools, German fests, etc. But children and cakes would come in a close second. And South Africa, that’s interesting too!

  31. late to the party, but happy blog birthday!

  32. Happy Blog Birthday!!

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