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Hold This Space


You may have noticed some inactivity here. I think I am suffering blog fatigue – I have been blogging for almost three years now and seem to have run out of voomah. It’s not through lack of things to write about. I am reading widely, trying to finish the first draft of my novel, am poised to return home to South Africa for the first time in three years for a dream holiday, and am living life to the full.

I am going to take some time off, so expect sporadic, and possibly no, posting for a few weeks. I will still be visiting blogs and commenting when I’m moved to, but I feel the time has come to take a break. Thank you to everyone who visits here – I really appreciate your support, and I hope that when I do return it is with my usual energy and verve. (Right now, I am channelling that verve into losing my Winterspeck and dreaming about Robberg Beach and seeing all my darling South African friends and family.)

And if you would like to know what I will be getting up to in the coming weeks, one of the highlights of the Burg’s calendar is the Sommertagszug, where we banish winter and welcome in summer. My kids will taking part in the procession and a teacher roped me in last night to help with crafting the costumes (oh, little does she know). Instead of writing here, I will be making giant butterfly wings. You can understand quite how much fun that is.

Until I return, I wish you all well. May the blogging muse continue to visit you, and thank you for being consistently brilliant, funny and well-written. You still make my day.


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28 thoughts on “Hold This Space

  1. Have a fabulous blog break! I will miss your postings but know that your creative energies are needed elsewhere… have an amazing holiday in South Africa!

  2. Seems we share the same blog funk. Enjoy your break and send regards from Charlie to your children. 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m going to miss your blogs! Herschelian, too, seems to have the same affliction! Hope you’ll be inspired to continue after your holiday, which I’m sure you’re going to love!

  4. Oh, no! You’ve been sucked into the German homemade costume vortex. Good luck with that as well as with your other writing projects. We’ll miss you but I’m sure you’ll be back to share some of the great and/or mundane but interesting things that will happen in the meantime. Best wishes… und bis bald!

  5. To your comment: yes I puree the heck out of them. Also you’d think a kid that eats broccoli brownies would also eat plain broccoli, which is way less disgusting, but there you have it.

  6. A break is always a good idea. Whenever I’ve taken one, I’ve ended up returning to blogging reinvigorated. Have a wonderful time and take the very best care of yourself.

  7. Have a good break and a wonderful holiday in South Africa.

  8. I hope you have a great blogging break, but in a purely selfish way I hope you are back in the not too distant future too!

  9. Yep, lots of blogs seems to be slow these days. Good luck with the Winterspeck 🙂 I’ll keep you in my feed reader indefinitely.

  10. I’m feeling pretty lethargic about blogging right now too so I totally get it. Keep well, enjoy all your various projects & see you on the other side.

  11. I feel the same way — and we started blogging at about the same time (it will be three years in May for me). So have a great break!

  12. A break is good, but please remember to set aside a few moments to post a photo or two of your trip to South Africa just so I can yearn a bit. 🙂
    Still getting to those five questions. If you’re not writing but still reading, then good because they’ve not been forgotten.

  13. Oh Charlotte I will miss you, but know just how you feel. Enjoy your visit home. It sounds lovely, sandy and warm 🙂 If I had large butterfly wings I’d use them to fly away to a lovely, sandy warm spot!

  14. Blogging fatigue seems to be hitting us all – I’m at the three year mark too. I hope you have a good break and then come back reinvigorated! And I hope we get to see you in SA too! Good luck with the wings – luckily costume making has never come my way, I’d be rubbish at it.

  15. Having a life that is too full is a good problem to have! Will miss you, but wish you a wonderful break. I vote for photos from SA too.

  16. I’ll miss you and your blog! Hope you come back full of renewed energy!

  17. Have a good holiday, Charlotte! I’ve been a slow commenter myself recently (and a bit scanty on my own posts too!) but I’ve been checking in and reading. It’s just the whole Time For Writing thing, isn’t it? Which do you give priority to? I find myself writing blog posts in my head throughout the day but do I have time to sit down and write them? No siree!

  18. Have a wonderful break, Charlotte. I think after three years a break makes sense! (I’m not feeling the need for one at the moment, but will definitely keep the possibility in mind, as, being blog twins, I might soon experience what you’re experiencing!)

  19. Blog fatigue: honey, you are not alone! Enjoy the break, revive, and have a sensational dream holiday back home in your own land of the vast blue sky.

    (and I’m sending you positive finished first draft thoughts for your manuscript…)

  20. Hope you have a fabulous break and a wonderful holiday. Would love to see photos of your trip. And please banish winter down here – we are so ready for it.

  21. Have a great break! Will be here when you return. 🙂

  22. Like you, I’m at three years — good heavens, what a long time it’s been! I think you’re so wise to take a little break. Your plans sound wonderful, Charlotte and I’ll be looking for pictures on facebook, if you have time to post some. And good luck with that novel. xoxoxo

  23. Have a great break, Char! You deserve it. And blogging should always, always be a joy, not an obligation. Look forward to seeing you upon your return!

  24. We’re in a holding pattern for you. Stick with the novel – we are all waiting to see your name in the papers. And enjoy your sunny home. xxAxx

  25. I’m sure you can’t wait to come to South Africa. You must enjoy!

  26. Looking forward to your return.

  27. This is the blogger formerly known as Yogamum, just letting some of my favorite blogger pals know that I am blogging over at a new place (see link above)!

  28. I think there must be something in the air… I am struggling SOOOOO much to get back into regular blogging post-skiing, and we are (as you know) in SA at the same time as you, so no chance of a recovery there. In my case, the problem is purely time: this bloody 9-5 job plus trips to the gym in anticipation of my 40th b’day don’t leave time for much else!

    I’m sure the break will do you good and that you’ll return with renewed vigour (and novel complete ;))

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