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His Reputation Proceeds Him


My husband went to San Francisco this week to brief a company, who paid all kinds of money for him to be there and included the ultimate of carrots: a business-class ticket. When he walked into the meeting, filled with people whom he had never met before, someone asked him, “Aren’t you Germany’s Top Husband?”

It was my blog-pal Miss Honeypiehorse, over from Munich to attend the meeting.


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18 thoughts on “His Reputation Proceeds Him

  1. I love it!!!

  2. Classic! The world truly is a small place!

  3. Hey, I didn’t get a business class ticket, what’s up with that???

  4. Oh and it sounds like he forgot to mention that the second thing I said was, “I’m a big fan of your wife’s.” 😉

  5. At the beginning I was wondering why GTH had been downgraded to simply “my husband.” 🙂

  6. Wow. That’s a scary small world.

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  8. I hope everyone was impressed by his association with a top blogging celebrity!

  9. I would have loved to have seen his face!

  10. Que le monde est petit! Or maybe the bloggers are just warming up their networking, prior to taking over the world……

  11. I was caught up in the small worldness of the situation but please assure GTH that it was nice meeting him, too! Take care, HPH

  12. He’s, like, totally viral!

  13. Charlotte, I forgot how you made me smile, smirk, snicker, okay, laugh out loud!! Thanks for dropping by, and any man who will wipe vomit off anything for his lady get’s my vote.

  14. I think you’ve just described my husband’s worst nightmare 😉

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