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I Promise Not To


Live-blog the Oscars tonight. That was exhausting.

Here’s the Depeche Mode video:

I predict a big hit.


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4 thoughts on “I Promise Not To

  1. I agree! Depeche Mode has a unique sound that allows them to transcend time.

  2. When did they add a 5th member to the band? Back when I was an adventurous young woman, I waited in line overnight to buy Depeche Mode tickets. I think I was only 15, 16 maybe. How on earth did my parents allow that one? Anyway, I liked the song and look forward to hearing more from David Gahan and the rest of DM.

  3. OMG. I was suddenly transported to the late 1980s. Except those guys look … older somehow. Thanks for this clip, dear C.

  4. Oh, they rock – just as much now as in the 1980s.

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