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Pictures of Home



Drakensberg Mountains


Howick Falls

This is the landscape of my novel and also of my heart.

(Photos courtesy my alma mater, The Natal Witness.)

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Novelist, feminist, crime writer

17 thoughts on “Pictures of Home

  1. I am positive that you will do these landscapes justice as you weave your magic through your words and make it come alive to your readers.

  2. What a breath-takingly beautiful landscape!

  3. Oh my. I really had no idea! My sons are going to South Africa this summer, on tour with their choir, and I’ll be sure to show them these photos. Lucky boys! And, of course, this just makes me want to read your novel even more.

  4. I remember going to see the Howick Falls abotu 20 years ago, during a family trip to Natal. Great pics, and I’m sure your novel will do the dramatic landscape justice.

  5. It all looks really dangerous! Ha, ha! Read blog.

  6. Our hike in the Drakensberg was one of our South Africa highlights. Could spend an entire month in the area and not get tired of it. So beautiful to behold from the valley, stunning views from the top.

  7. Definitely inspiring and gorgeous!

  8. Gorgeous. South Africa is full of beautiful places – and people.

  9. Divine. I was born in East Africa, Uganda and still enjoy the beauty and lushness of the photos from my time there. Good luck with your novel.

  10. What beautiful photos! I would love to visit South Africa.

  11. Hey Charlotte – it’s great to meet another South African up here!

    It seems to be happening a lot with me lately (albeit, only through the internet).

    I’m looking forward to receiving your blog updates.

    (PS – The pictures you posted made me feel quite nostalgic!)

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