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10 Things I Know


Litlove knows that I am given to sharing my wisdom, so she has tagged me for 10 Things I Know, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to resist. And she is right. So, off the top of my head, with very little editing, here are ten things are I know:

  1. My Fair Lady is a misogynist film (I am watching it on TCM as I write).
  2. There’s nothing worse than when bad things happen to people you love.
  3. Asking for forgiveness is liberating.
  4. The simple rule for good parenting is to model the behaviour you require.
  5. The simple rule for good relationships is keep talking.
  6. Ego gets in the way of smart decision-making.
  7. Loneliness is self-inflicted.
  8. Facebook is fun but Twitter is for the birds.
  9. It might be dull for the listener, but sometimes people just need to be heard.
  10. Exercise might not save your life, but it will put you in a good mood.

And now I tag Natalian, Ms Honey Pie, G, Diane, Aphra and Paddy. Got any aphorisms for us?

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14 thoughts on “10 Things I Know

  1. Good ones…but I’ve had to modify the talking one. I discovered that sometimes people need to be allowed some time alone and when they do, talking at them just makes thing worse.

  2. Love your answers – I knew you could do this asleep with one hand tied behind your back! I particularly like 2, 4 and 9.

  3. I think I’ll print out 4 and stick it on the door outside my office. And also print out 5 while I’m about it (to give to P). 10 puts me in a good mood just thinking about it. Or perhaps it’s the studying avoidance that will be involved too.

  4. You’re right about My fair Lady – I used to love it with all its catchy songs, but poor old Eliza having to get stuck with fetching his sloppers after all that effort, not that Freddy was a great alternative.

    I completely agree on 4. Maybe if I got tidier my children would too.

  5. Oooh, a tag – I’ll have to think about what I know. What DO I know? Hmnnnn…. I suppose it would be bad form to copy your answers because they’re really good?

  6. I really, really need to remember number 4 next time I shout at my daughter.

  7. We watched My Fair Lady last night on TCM. Hadn’t seen it in forever and wasn’t as impressed as I once was.

  8. Words of sound wisdom indeed! Enjoyed reading this post and racking my brains to do mine!

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  10. I’m just seeing this tag. Hmmm. I’ll have to give this some thought.

  11. This is a toughie. I’m in a bit of a funk right now, overwhelmed with current events so I have been avoiding doing “thoughtful” posts. I saw this when you posted and I have been putting it off. Give me another day or so.

    And drop me a line/call to talk about school some time…

  12. Excellent answers, especially 7. Would be nice if I could make a few family members see this!!

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