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Anatomy of a Date


Put on your New York t-shirt, the one you bought after having too much wine at lunch in Soho, the price of which still causes you to gasp inside but which makes you feel fabulous.

Leave with your babysitter one sleeping child and two others reading in bed. (The fact that you now have two reading children adds exponentially to the success of the evening.)

Receive last-minute Facebook messages and calls from friends who won’t be joining you. You are on your own. This is no longer an evening out with friends; it is a date.

Proceed to Weinheim.

Find the nearest döner shop and scarf some fast food. This is not about fine dining.

Walk in a fog of garlic to the gig, where, on entry you meet some members of the band and kiss them hello. You’re kissing band members. Fangirl.

Enjoy a spectacularly vinegary €2 glass of wine.

Watch the warm-up band Skaya, who are very young and very good. Predict that the lead singer will be a superstar.


Drink water.

Waft garlic.

Swarm onto the dance-floor as the band, Ngobo Ngobo, start to play. Wonder why tall people always stand in front of you. (To the tall blonde guy whipping you in the face with his dreads, next time please wear a topknot.)

Find a space with a view.

Dance with your love.

Drink water.

Reflect that ska is happy music, and how much you prefer it and reggae to rap (it’s all in the melody).

Dance more.

Enjoy how your garlic fog is protecting you from the fog of cigarette smoke in the club.

Dance to every single song, including the band’s new songs, old favourites and a brilliant cover version of this:

Spend some time remembering 1984. (It was a good year.)

Keep dancing until the very last encore.

Leave smelling of sweat, garlic and other people’s cigarettes.

Release very tired babysitter and go to bed at 2am.

Wake at 6.45am thanks to the non-reading child.

Smell the smoke in your hair, and remember.

It was good.


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

17 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Date

  1. OMG, shoulder pads and flock of seagulls hair, I love this girl!!! And funnily enough I’m just working on a post of my own Friday date, which also involved ska-like music. It’s not done yet and I’ll try not to make it sound too much like yours because I’m not a big fat copycat.

  2. While this sounds fab, I’m not going to race to make a similar experience , as with NNP- which was great, btw. I should post on it.
    But it sounds wonderful, although I think I would die of exhaustion by 12.

  3. Sounds brilliant! Color me jealous. Am enjoying a cup of tea after putting my 6:45 wake-up call down for a nap.

    She Who Must Be Obeyed had her first girls night out last night, and while I’m happy to set her free, I can’t wait until our next dance date!

  4. I’m kind of with G here. It sounds wonderful for you, but I feel tired just reading it! 🙂 I think I’ll stick to enjoying this kind of experience vicariously now.

  5. Sounds like the two of you are still quite the swingers. Did your recent bash in December recharge those party-goer batteries that were depleted after the years of small children?

  6. Great fun! Love the music too.

    The Strange Shores Blog Carnival is now up at:

  7. Fun!!!! Hope your not too tired so we can get together soon!

  8. I wanna be you when I grow up!

  9. Oh what fun!! There’s nothing like a concert to remind you of what it was like to be 19 again. I am off to see the Killers on 24 February and I am obscenely excited…

  10. Gee, we haven’t had a “date” for several years, not one that included a concert. I guess that all the times we ate together when we were tripping around Spain probably count as dates.

    However, I think that having to get a baby sitter and then getting awakened early the following morning by a child makes the “date” thing more real, because of the contrast with the every day life.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  11. Fun music is good! Angry rap music is bad 😦 That’s my unenlightened music opinion, anyway.

    You fangirl, you.

    Oh, the idea of *two* reading children! I just can’t wait.

  12. Waaaay overdue for a date night this end! Sounded awesome – wish I could have been there – €2 glasses of wine, ciggie smoke and all!

  13. Love the garlic cloud protecting you from the smoke!
    And the smell of the night before still in your hair the next day.
    Enjoyed, though haven’t read any of your other stuff. Don’t you love it when find something really good by mistake?

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