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Let Freedom Ring


I’m just off to bake cupcakes to take to the inauguration party I’m going to this evening. I’m feeling ridiculously emotional – I’ve cried three times today already – so I will be taking a Super Value size box of tissues with me to the party. While I’m blowing my nose, let this entertain you:

I’ll see you on the other side.

Let freedom ring!


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23 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring

  1. Yes yes yes!!! New President and cupcakes are good things.

  2. It’s a great day to be an American.

    I haven’t said that in a very long time.

  3. Will be thinking of you as we have our own little inauguration get-together. Cupcakes sound good – will see what I can do. There’s the “CAN” word again 😉

  4. I love hearing Obama speak! Have a great party!

  5. Cupcakes sound perfect. Have a wonderful time and cry all you want – I’m sure you won’t be the only one!

  6. Oh, it’s going to be a weepy day — I’m starting already … have a great party!

  7. Wow, that video is awesome and definitely brought tears to my eyes. It is so exciting!

  8. I’ve been weepy too – feels crazy. Normally politicians make you cry for other reasons!! My favourite inauguration ingredient is the Ben & Jerry’s limited edition ice cream “Yes, pecan!”. Genius.

  9. such a fantastic day! i’m all verklempt!

  10. This is so annoying. You live in Germany and are going to an inauguration party. I live in London (home to hordes of Americans, of which I view myself as an honorary one) and am eating leftover fried rice, drinking a martini and watching re-runs on . Arrgghhh, lol!!

  11. That, I must admit, is pretty inspirational. Even to a grumpy git like me.

  12. Charlotte, It’s been wonderful and I think most people here in the states have been weepy. Funny, I have been such a critic of the Bush administration, but felt sad for him when he hugged President Obama and the First Lady. He seemed genuinely happy for them.

    I’m very happy today and feel terribly blessed.

  13. I really feel happy for all Americans and the world, to have such an inspirational leader on board. Things are really looking up!

  14. Yesterday I cried watching MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Today I cried watching Obama’s inaugural speech. What the hell is going to happen tomorrow?

    And for the first time, today I said the words “ex-President Bush”, and it was something of a shock…not in a bad way, mind you. I thought at first he looked kinda grumpy up there listening to Obama bash on the status quo, but then he might have just been cold.

  15. Yes, I also warmed to Bush as he was leaving, stripped of power and apparently on good terms with the new prez. It looked like he was proud of Obama too (unless that’s good PR). Very touching moment. The contrast between the new guy – all pumped up on power and full of responsibility and the burdens of office and the world’s expectations, and the old guy, managing to be gracious as he departs.

  16. It was a wonderful day yesterday. Got a bit weepy when watching the inauguration. If you want to be in the Strange Shores Blog Carnival again, please send me a link to a post that you think might be suitable. Thanks!

  17. I was weepy too! And am so amazed that people all over the world are so enthralled with what is happening in our country now!

  18. Charlotte arrived, yummy cupcakes and tissues in hand. She had her teary moments but left several hours later with the remains of her tissue box. We all look forward to a positive change.

  19. I love this video. I uploaded to my blog before the election. Still gets to me!

  20. My son was there! He is still pumped even though he’s been back at work for three days. I cried when Barack took the oath. What a great speech he made.

  21. I LOVE that video. Yes we can. Yes we will. Nothing false about hope.

    Words to live by.

  22. It was a very proud day for your country. Even I was.

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