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In Honour of My Hero


coldIt is -14°C today.

The Neckar is frozen.

So am I.

I am wearing a shawl, not unlike a granny.

However, I am looking forward to the inauguration.

I have been invited to a party.

There will be corn-dogs, chocolate cake and potato salad.

And hopefully, hot drinks.

I will cry.

Get a red nose.

And try not to swoon.

(Make your Obamicon here.)

Edited to add: I am taking part in an Expat Blog Carnival, hosted by the lovely Paddy K. Check it out here.

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13 thoughts on “In Honour of My Hero

  1. It’s going to be one of the ‘Great Days in History’ – one the whole world will be celebrating and watching. Enjoy the party!

  2. Brrrr

    Enjoy your party

    I hope it warms you up.

    Here it is sultry and mozzie plagued

    and just one more week of school holidays to go.

    I’m struggling

    to get back into a work routine

    and start blogging again.

  3. Not sure we will really have corn dogs……but we can ensure that you have a warm drink.

    I thought it was kind of nice this morning…I enjoyed my run in the cold….you warm weather people…

  4. That sounds like the perfect party for the perfect day to me!

  5. I love the Obamaicon! I’ll be thinking of you as I party that day too.

  6. Stay warm! We’re having relatively balmy temperatures and almost all the snow is gone except higher in the mountains. I like not worrying about slipping and sliding all over the place, but I miss the charm of snow (and the play factor for the kids).

    I have to say, corn dogs might be American food, but blech! Can’t stand them. Give me a regular hot dog any day.

  7. Love the Charlotticon! Have fun at your partay!

  8. Don’t want to burst your bubble but you probably won’t get corn dogs AND hot drinks at the same party. That would be insane. Thanks for the Obamacon tip or however you spell that. They’re kind of addictive.

  9. I can’t wait for the inauguration either! Love your BamaIcon thingie…

    I’ll be hosting the next Blog Carnival – so be sure to send me a link to an appropriate post! Please!

  10. Looks so cool. I think I remember your posting the original of that photo. 🙂

  11. An Obamicon — I love it! Thanks for the link!

  12. Cute. I’m frozen right now and it is be 0 here by Friday (and that isn’t 0 celsius!). But I’ll be in sunny Florida on Sunday night. My Obama party is going to involve champagne, consumed beachside.

  13. -14C?? Surely that’s against the Geneva Convention?? :o)

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