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Help My PhD Student (And Me)


I live with a PhD student. He is also a full-time worker and father of three,  so he is a fairly busy guy. With his dissertation and my novel to finish this year, 2009 is going to be interesting for us. One of the ways you could help us avoid marital strife – if you work in software – would be to fill out his survey. Please forward it to any software types you know.

The survey is to be found here.

His latest blog post about the dissertation is here.

My grateful thanks are here:


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15 thoughts on “Help My PhD Student (And Me)

  1. Survey completed and blogged about over on my other blog. 🙂

    All the best.


  2. I will lean on my husband to do it & might be able to pressure a couple of others.

  3. I will ask my husband to fill it out–he’s in software and we know a bunch of of software engineers 🙂

  4. Done! I’ll see if I can persuade others.

  5. Hi There – I’m in the midst of my PhD so I have some understanding of what your husband is going through! I also have a partner who is a software engineer/programmer so I will pass on the survey info to him.

  6. Hey, I work in software and just finished the survey.

  7. Will do! Will alert my husband and see whether he can get his software developer to do it. Hope your husband is suitably grateful to you, too!

  8. I’ll see if my software god at work can do it. And yay to finishing your novel this year. Girlfriend, let’s DO this thing!

  9. Hubby says he could be considered a “business analyst” since his work closely involves privacy vis-a-vis student information data management . . . I’ve sent the link to him.

    P.S.: Get your daily dose of Colin Firth at my blog 🙂

  10. Ooh, I forgot, I’m loving your hair in that photo 🙂

  11. I’ll forward the survey to a couple software types I know. Good luck on the novel this year!

  12. Great photo 🙂 And good luck getting the PhD and the novel done. So much talent under one roof – AND we know that at least one of you is drop-dead gorgeous 😉

  13. Have forwarded this to sister’s husband who is computer type. Good luck with all the projects this year.

  14. Thank you very much to everyone who’s filled out the survey, or passed it one to someone who will! The PhD Student and I are most grateful.

  15. Hi,I am from China,welcome to my space.

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