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40 Things for My Birthday


I know I have been going on about my birthday for some time all year now and now the actual day has arrived. Hooray! Bring on the champagne! To celebrate, and taking a leaf from Jen’s book, here are 40 Things for my birthday:

1. It’s never too late to read a good book.
2. Procrastination always exacts a payment.
3. Sugar is the crack cocaine of the food world (thanks, India Knight).
4. For the nameless blues, getting moving is the best medicine.
5. No-one likes a queue, so don’t take it personally.
6. Being alone is essential.
7. Having good friends is also essential.
8. Bacon is God’s gift to us. Use it wisely.
9. Going into Toys R Us one week before Christmas is like entering the seventh circle of hell.
10. Nothing beats brunch, especially if it involves champagne.
11. Love feeds on itself, but so does fear (thanks, Jen).
12. Trust is a gift.
13. Blogging is an addictive time-sucker but I love it.
14. Having the next holiday planned is critical to my peace of mind. Roll on South Africa 2009!
15. Worrying is a waste of time; make a plan instead.
16. Skiing is my nemesis, but for my family I face the fear and do it anyway.
17. Skills are empowering – teach children cooking, sewing, knitting and any other crafts you have to share.
18. It is possible to live without TV.
19. It is possible to live without the Internet, but would I want to?
20. Grown-ups need toys too.
21. Good dietary fats are not the enemy. (Sugar is.)
22. Love your special people like there’s no tomorrow.
23. Question beauty products – is it really necessary to slap on all that chemically-enhanced gunk?
24. However, try separating me from my mascara and lippy.
25. Loving my non-coloured, brown-to-white hair is a work in progress. But I’m getting there.
26. It wouldn’t bother me if all razors and hair depilatory products disappeared from the earth tomorrow – I don’t mind going hairy.
27. Though that would put paid to fishnet stockings, which I rather love …
28. Dancing wildly is good for the soul.
29. Yoga builds beautiful muscles. I know mine are there; I just haven’t seen them yet.
30. Learning to run has been the most empowering thing I’ve done this year.
31. I couldn’t do it without my iPod. Or the playlist my darling devised for me.
32. Age doesn’t necessarily confer wisdom. Actively learning from our mistakes does.
33. In order to grow, we have to separate ego from our true selves.
34. Some people can do that easily; for others it’s a long, hard struggle.
35. Going to church, synagogue or mosque regularly doesn’t automatically confer wisdom either. It may provide comfort though.
36. Intolerance of any form – religious, gender, racial – is poisonous.
37. I think the point of being here is to learn to love.
38. Loving selflessly and loving needily are two very different things.
39. On a grand scale, it’s time to love our planet selflessly now.
40. It’s also time to see the human spark in everyone, and not dismiss them as part of a mass. Even those in the queues at Toys R Us.

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22 thoughts on “40 Things for My Birthday

  1. I really enjoyed reading these 40 points. As one who suffers from Procrastination I had to nod my head knowingly when I read point no.2! Have a fabulous day!

  2. This is a wonderful list. Very wise and funny too. I am going to practice points 32 and points 37. I think you should turn 40 every year.

  3. happy birthday! and woo hoo for learning to run!! i used to do it without ipod (back in the dark ages) and now don’t know how i managed!

  4. Happy, Hippy, Birdday to you! You made it to 40 in style. What a spring chicken you are. Enjoy the next ten years. May they be filled with family, friends, laughter, love, health, wealth, and happiness, and the time to enjoy them. All the best to you!

  5. Happy Birthday, Charlotte!!

    Oh, and I do agree with no.15 about worrying! Very true!

  6. HBTY HBTY HB dear Charlotte
    You are too wise!

  7. Happy Birthday Charlotte! That’s a wonderful list — thank you.

  8. What a great birthday list – and I’m sooooo with you on 13 and 19!!

  9. So young and yet so wise!

  10. This is great! Happy birthday!

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I am glad you still love blogging! I can’t think of anyone I would rather have a few years ahead of me to model grace, beauty, talent, motherhood and dedication to craft! Here’s to the next 40!

  12. I spent far too long in a WalMart today, and it was at least the sixth circle of hell.

  13. A big, big, Happy Birthday to you from me!

    Many good things on this list, but I especially identified with 18 and 19 together (well you wouldn’t want me to identify with 24 and 27 I’m sure!)

  14. Happy, happy birthday, Charlotte. I don’t think I’m going to get this wise in time for next March! Great list.

  15. Much happy birthdayness! And thank you for sharing your wisdom. What a lovely list.

  16. Great list, #39 really resonates if I had to pick one but they are all good.

  17. Oh, and happy birthday! How cool that you get to celebrate at the same time with your husband.

  18. #3 is probably my favorite, but this is a terrific list altogether.

  19. Happy Birthday Charlotte! I’m especially liking number 22 on your list.

  20. I’m late to say it, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Charlotte!!!

  21. A belated happy birthday to you, dear Charlotte. I’m afraid I’ve been offline for two weeks, or I’d have said so earlier: many happy returns of the day!

    And I liked 12 and 28!

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