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Welcoming in 40


On Saturday night, Germany’s Top Husband and I celebrated our 40th birthdays. The high point was dancing till 3am to a fabulous ska band with my friends and family. The low point was falling off the stage while holding my three-year-old and landing on him (he survived, but my dignity was impaired). Mostly I looked like this:

img_09227Sometimes, I am impossibly cool.

If you find that image disturbing, I can redirect you to a video of the band, Ngobo Ngobo, playing a medley of their songs:

And if that’s too stimulating, you could meditate on an image from the local Christmas market:

If Christmas doesn’t end soon, I’m climbing that statue.

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23 thoughts on “Welcoming in 40

  1. And the three year old was OK, right?

    Happy 40th!!

  2. Happy Birthday you rockin’ chick! Nice boots 🙂

    I once misjudged the surf at the beach near my mom’s house and got my two kids and I dunked under, and I landed on my three-year-old. We all survived (though my cell phone did not.)

  3. Congratulations! Sounds like you had an awesome birthday bash! As for the end of silly season – wish I had a statue to climb! All the best for the next decade of your fabulous life Charlotte, may it be filled with blessings, light, and love!

  4. Happy Birthday, Charlotte! My goodness me, you know how to party! Those are exploits worthy of a woman, oh, at least half your age. Hope you have a wonderful festive season and a year full of good health, happiness and creativity.

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy this side of 40 – its fun! (although it doesn’t look like you need an excuse for fun…)

  6. Happy Birthday, Charlotte! Looks like you had a great time despite the loss of dignity! Who needs that anyway once you turn 40…

  7. Well Happy Birthday and here’s to many more! Still a party girl at heart, I see. 🙂

  8. OMG, are you the coolest person I know or what?! A ska band!!! I suddenly feel performance anxiety setting in re. my own 40th next year. Suddenly the planned ABBA party just does not seem cool enough. Dig the skirt and the boots 😉

    Must be off now – need to brush up on the lyrics of Too Much Too Young and Message to you Rudy.

  9. Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!!! I have sent you an ecard so check your email! I have sent it today because I will most likely forget tomorrow. xxx

  10. A very happy birthday to you!!! You are the coolest, rockin’ 40 year old i know!

  11. Happy Birthday!

    Wish there’d been a video camera trained on you and that flaming guitar. 🙂

  12. Tried to call to day to tell you how envious I was of all of you dancing until 3 am! What a lucky bunch of people. Sorry to here about you squishing your Ollie. Sure hope he forgets the incident quickly.

  13. Happy Birthday for Thursday, cool Charlotte! Sounds like a great party. BTW, your mix is being posted tomorrow so should get there in a few weeks. Prost, gesondheid and slainte to you!

  14. Gee, I am too old for this. Party-wise, I feel twice as old as I really am, while you seem to be twice as young. Now that I realise I’ll have to organise at least something for my 40th birthday, I am not so sure I want to live to such a ripe age 😉

  15. Just read litlove’s comment – like she said.

    Maybe I should trade years with you, so you go back to your thirties, and I skip right over that dreaded 40th birthday party.

  16. Happy birthday, you youngster! You rock, Charlotte, but then I already knew that!

  17. You look awesome in that picture. Glad you had such a great birthday celebration. Happy 40th and many, many more!

  18. 40 is just too sexy!

  19. Hilarious photo! I love it. You know you’re forty, because you never would have posted it for the world to see at 21, right? Glad you had what seems like a rolicking celebration.

  20. Wow! Congratulations – the photo is…distinguished.

  21. Happy Birthday to you! I love the image of you falling off the stage and on to the 3 yr old in your arms! How very rock and roll.

  22. Thank you. I thought I was the only one who still likes ska. I find myself looking for English Beat, The Selecter, The Specials et al whenever I see music online or in bins.

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