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The Fairy Godmother Meme


Created by Aphra and also seen at Teuchter, here is The Fairy Godmother Meme, which allows you to count your blessings and possibly go out and hug someone fragrant.

What good gift did your Fairy Godmother actually give you?

Adventurousness. When my new husband was offered a job in Germany, four months after we’d bought our first house and shortly before I was due for a promotion to editor, I said, “Why not? How bad could it be?” and so we left – with two suitcases, four boxes of books and some golf-clubs. He never used the golf clubs, we sold the house eventually, and since then we have lived in three different countries.

What good gift do you wish she’d given you instead?

Foresight. If we’d acknowledged we were leaving South Africa instead of just heading off on an awfully big adventure, we could have had the company ship all our stuff for us. Instead, we thought “We’ll just go for two years and then come back” and five years later crippled ourselves shipping our things to England, where we were then living.

Cart. Horse. Putting. The. Before. The. Rearrange the former into a well-known sentence.

What bad gift did the Wicked Fairy give you?

A tendency to be too diplomatic.

What bad gift do you wish she had given you instead?

Being brutally frank.

But then I would possibly have fewer friends. Mind-burps do not the social fabric lubricate. So I write them instead.

If you had one magical gift, what would it be?

I’d like bedlinen that changed itself on a daily basis. Nothing nicer than sinking into a bed with freshly changed sheets at the end of a long hard day of diplomatic adventurousness.

That was entertaining! I’m not going to tag, but please play if you want to, and if you do, please credit Aphra.

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11 thoughts on “The Fairy Godmother Meme

  1. This is a lovely meme! I am so with you on foresight and the expense of shipping. When we moved to Australia from Japan we shipped what was basically a crate of junk. We thought we were just paying the costs of the shipping company in Japan, which weren’t too steep. Little did we know we’d have to pay swingeing “tax” and “quarantine fees” once the stuff had arrived in Australia. They sprayed it all with disgusting chemicals so we had to pay yet more to have it recleaned. I wish I’d given everything away in Japan and started afresh here.

    I don’t think being too diplomatic is bad. I think maybe I’m a bit like that myself but in balance it is better than being too honest. I know someone who can’t help but be brutally honest and has inadvertantly put people off-side, then has been baffled as to why…. and it’s all turned into a huge mess!

  2. Charlotte, what a lovely meme! And you are frank, I believe — a quality that makes your writing so fresh. I guess that’s the benefit of knowing you only via the written word, versus in person. I will give this some thought and try it as well. Interesting wish… mine would be, a meal that my kids loved every night.

  3. being brutally frank has a serious down side. I can say that from personal experience.

  4. I know what you mean about being over-diplomatic… but it is quite nice to have friends and the brutally frank can be a little abrasive….she says diplomatically.

  5. Cute meme. I quite understand the wish to be frank. But I’d also like a little of that adventurousness myself!

  6. Funny I wish my fairy god mother had made me a little more diplomatic. But this meme is perfect for NaBloPoMo because the December theme is ‘Thankfulness’. Which has been a bit hard for me since a better theme would be ‘rediculous things that have happened to me.’ Anyway, thanks for the idea.

  7. What a fun meme! I might steal it!

  8. That was a magical meme! Thanks Aphra and thanks to you for playing.

  9. Fascinating answers, Charlotte. I too have balanced diplomacy with frankness but I’ve found it to be culturally specific. I used to be too English and allusive to function effectively in northern Europe, so I learned to say what I thought. Now I’m considered to be too abrupt and direct in the UK, and I’m having to learn diplomacy again.

    Thanks for doing the meme, it’s fascinating to see what people make of it. And if I don’t drop by before then, wishing you and yours the merriest of Christmases.


  10. Oh Charlotte, I am so glad I’m not the only one who, having been married for about 4 months, agreed to folloy hubby on a little 1 year adventure to the UK!! That was 8 years ago. You do not actually want to know how much of my hard-earned money Stuttafords has taken for storing my worldly possessions. Yes, I could chuck the lot, but the crates include ALL my wedding gifts; my books and photographs; my CDs and records (yes I am that old); the bed, desk and wall unit I had custom-made to my exact specifications; the Persian rug we bought at auction on my birthday in 1999 etc etc etc. So actually no, I can’t chuck it out. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have shipped it over years ago, but we kept saying we were on the verge of going home. I think the past 12 months have been the first time I have actually admitted that I rather like living here and that I see us being here for quite a while longer. Watch this space for further developments…!

  11. I love this meme! Fairy Godmother indeed! You forgot to mention your sense of humour, which is wonderful too 🙂

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