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The Aging Meme


This one came from Emily, but was invented by Zoesmom. With only 80-odd days to go until my 40th birthday (yes, I’ve counted), it seems kind of appropriate.

Just fill in the blanks:

At a certain age women should stop pleasing others and start pleasing themselves.

At a certain age men should stop pleasing themselves and start pleasing others.

When I was a kid I thought I would write lots of novels and live a fascinating international life.

Now that I am older I wish I had been more selfish about carving out my writing time.

You know you are too old to party when crowds of people you don’t know bore you/freak you out/make you want to go home and pick your toenails.

When I was in high school I listened to the music of Madness, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls, B-52s and Talking Heads

Now I listen to the music of whatever my husband or kids are listening to, including Mafikizolo, The View, Kaiser Chiefs, Beautiful Me and Beautiful Creatures.

On my last birthday I was spoilt rotten.

On my next birthday I want to party like it’s 1999 …

The best birthday present I ever got was the one I’m about to have – my trip to New York!!

The first time I felt grown-up was when I worked my summer vacation on the local newspaper at the age of 18.

The last time I felt like a kid was the last time I got on my bike.

Last year was a very long time ago.

Next year will be an awfully big adventure.

I would love to tag people, but for fear of insulting anyone, I won’t. However, if you want to share your wisdom and experience, please play along.

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15 thoughts on “The Aging Meme

  1. You are just brilliant and great and I wish I was with you right now! Can’t believe you’re 40 in 80 days. At least you are going half way round the world – or is it only quarter?

  2. Come on nomoreMTBgirl, why don’t you resuscitate your blog and share your wisdom with us?

  3. Come on Charl. Forty is the age of creation. You will love it. Writers begin to write. Dreamers begin to invent. Its a fabulous age to be. Henry Ford was forty two when he got his first internal combustion engine to run on his wife’s kitchen table. Sparks, fire and all. Thirty somethings, worried about forty may be likened to teenagers claiming that thirty is the end of life.

    What about me? Seventy in fifteen days. And I’m bragging about it. When I ride into town and meet gangs of children on bicycles, I challenge them to a race and I generally win. But then I’m crazy.

    You will love being forty. And fifty. And sixty. And seventy.

    Kind wishes from the tropics.

  4. Hi Pierre! Bizarrely, I am looking forward to forty. I’m growing into my grey hair in celebration of the wisdom, creativity and ridiculous amounts of fun that await me when I get there. Glad to hear the rest is good too …

  5. Nearly 40, huh? Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but what nobody knows, except those of us in our forties, is that it’s an excellent age to be: old enough to have gained quite a lot of wisdom, but young enough to still get away with being foolish. And, although all those teenagers think you’re ancient, all your friends in their fifties and sixties refer to you as a baby.

  6. Grey hair?

    The golden girl with the platinum tresses, more likely.

    Authonomy is a pain. So continuing with my other rewrite. I’m doing it by attrition. Repetitive, slow and hesitant. Will take months. But it does keep me off the streets and from throwing stones at passing cars.

  7. I’m definitely too old to party, according to your definition. In fact, I think I’ve always been too old to party 🙂 Have a wonderful trip to New York — it sounds fabulous!

  8. Thanks. I am now going to be singing Rock the Casbah all day now.

  9. Welcome to the club my friend. You will love it!!!

  10. Yay to being spoiled rotten and visiting fabulous NYC for your 40th! Have just made P a 40th birthday mix. Would be interested to hear what your mix would be – some songs for each decade for a start!

  11. Wonderful meme and wonderful answers as usual. Damn I wish I knew you in hight school – we could have shared in the joy of my brother’s complete collection of Duran Duran’s 12″ singles! I was also a member of the Spandau Ballet fan club… but I redeemed myself later by turning to the Violent Femmes and The Clash 🙂

    I have just arranged with friends in South Africa to be able to host my ABBA themed 40th at their house next year. Woo hoo!

    New York will be a blast – e-mail me if you want more tips than those I left in a previious comment 🙂

  12. A trip to New York! A trip to New York!

    And I was born too old for parties, I suspect. Perhaps I’ll grow into them.

  13. A brilliant meme – and so much could easily fit into my own…I too turn forty next birthday, and I want it to be big. And New York – how much I envy you!

  14. This meme was fun! Looking forward to reading your post about NYC when you return!

  15. Riding a bike makes me feel like a kid, too! I’ll probably do this meme soon, to coincide with some thoughts on aging that I’ve had recently. Great answers, as always!

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