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Current Addictions


The lovely Jeanne just tagged me for the Current Addictions meme. Here are the rules:

* Post at least five current addictions (with some details, please).
* Mention the person who started this meme (Being Brazen) and also the person who just tagged you – Jeanne.
* Type your post with the heading “Current addictions”.
* Tag at least two people and pass on the above rules.

Here be, then, my current addictions:

1. Low-carb eating: Bacon and egg for breakfast? Proscuitto and goat’s cheese wraps? Salmon and avocado salad? Bring it on, baby. Given that dark chocolate and red wine are allowed, this way of eating is for life.

2. Planning to do and worrying about things I haven’t got around to doing yet: Writing. Exercise. Tax returns. Visa applications. You know, nothing major.

3. New York: In two months’ time, I’m off. Woo-hoo! The big Apfel! Any restaurant, sight-seeing or shopping tips gratefully received.

4. Wearing boots: We went from summer straight into winter, from flip-flops to knee-highs. Luckily, I love, love, love my boots.

5. Matching my knickers and bra: I recently did the underwear revamp I have been promising myself for three years. My knicker drawer was starting to look like a collection of sad and unfortunate rags. Thanks to a happy half hour in C&A, I now have nifty little combinations and I am doing my best to match on a daily basis.

And now I’d like to tag Courtney and Emily. I suspect that their current addictions would be worth a read.


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17 thoughts on “Current Addictions

  1. Low carb eating – you make it sound so good! But I think I’m addicted to carbs …left that off my list though, I love bread, cake, biscuits and all those carbohydrate goodies – they’re my comfort food – I guess I could move exclusively to chocolate…

  2. I’m certainly doing number two, but without number three to look forward to! Boo hoo!

  3. Oh my goodness.. matching bra and knickers! Now, that really is an obssession. Or .. hey, wait a minute! – does everyone do that except for me?!

  4. Here are a couple of New York tips for you:

    Spend at least a morning in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Have lunch in the cafe (its really good). Either walk there or walk back across Central Park to the Upper West side. Stop for coffee and croissants before or after (Zabars is good, 81st and Broadway).

    Take a wander through the Whole Foods store in the Time Warner center (Columbus Circle). Snacking and eating there after the wander are highly encouraged. They also have a fine sushi bar.

    The Neue Gallerie has the Austrian art collection of Ronald Lauder and an amazingly romantic cafe called Cafe Sabarsky. This is much more Vienna than Germany.

  5. A dozen suggestions for NYC:
    1. Use HOPSTOP.COM for directions via subway, bus or foot.
    2. Recommend Hungarian Pastry Cafe at 110 & Amsterdam (Emily of Telecommuter Talk will 2nd this as a favorite). Take subway 1/9 to 110th/Cathedral Parkway and walk East 1 block on 110. Look at the cool gargoyles at the building about midway down the block on N side of street. After having a delicious pastry and cup of tea, walk across the street to wander the gardens at the Cathedral of St John the Divine and look at the peacocks that live in the garden. Head up to 112th, then West 1/2 block to browse at BookCulture. This is just one of the many great bookstores in NYC. You’re in the area of Columbia University and can wander through the campus too, if you’re in a wandering through a university campus mood.
    3. I agree with Rahul about Whole Foods (aka Whole Paycheck!). If you don’t want to have a meal or snack there, you can have a drink at the juice bar.
    4. My absolute favorite thing at Cafe Sabarsky is the chocalate hazelnut torte. But everything there is delicious. Try to get a table near the windows so you can look at the park. The Neue is one of my favorite museums — perfect size museum to spend an hour in. The line for the cafe lenghens as the day progresses. Follow the ‘EAT DESSERT FIRST’ rule; then go look at the art.
    5. Go to MoMA too. I prefer it to the Metropolitan, but just my taste in art. Both are too big to see everything, so pick a few galleries to see and be satisfied with that. I’m a fan of the collection of Brancusi sculptures on the 5th (?) floor. Once you look at them, turn around and walk through the adjacent gallery to see some Monets and Mondrians (especially Broadway Boogie Woogie!)
    6. If you are still on a matching knickers and bra kick, go have a fitting at either the Towne Shoppe or Intimacy. Of course, since most of their bras are European, that probably doesn’t make sense. Being a bra snob, I only buy my bras in NYC or Chicago, but would add a few Euro cities to that list if I could afford to make such trips regularly.
    7. Check the 92nd St Y’s website to see what sort of lecture/concert/other culture happening might be going on while you’re there. If you go to the 92 Y,try to eat at Peri Ela’s beforehand (90th & Lex; reservations strongly recommended).
    8. Go to Union Square.
    9. Depending on when in Nov you are there, go to Rockerfeller Plaza to see the Christmas tree. Don’t plan on spending much time — it is just a detour/walk-by thing, but it’s fun to people watch.
    10. If you insist on going to the Empire State Building, just stand at the corner of 33rd & Broadway and watch the silly tourists take video pictures of the (always immobile) building. It’s so much more fun than standing in the slowly moving line to get to the observation deck which is way too expensive anyway.
    11. Don’t worry about which restaurants to eat in. Any of those celebrated as ‘must go to’ places for tourists really aren’t best places to go to. Just wander about the neighborhood you’re in at mealtime and stop at any place that looks interesting and has people in it. There are a so many great places to eat you’re likely to hit upon some ‘real New York’ places at the price points you are looking for. A corollary to this rule is to avoid anything in Time Square and surrounding areas — overpriced and rarely good eating. if it looks like it’s a tourist trap, it is!
    12. It may be too late in the year, but if you want a walking tour, check out I’ve never been disappointing with a Big Onion walking tour and they offer a variety of different topics. Another walking alternative is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

    If you’ve guessed from this lengthy comment that NYC is one of my obsessions, you’re right! I love NY. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been there (after making about 20 trips there on business last year) and my NY addiction needs a fix!

  6. I can’t remember the last time I saw the word “knickers” in print. Thanks for making me smile!

  7. Dear Charlotte

    Authonomy is up and running. No need to wait for an invite. Merely register on-line. Upload a pic and write a self-profile which is editable. You may promote your website too.

    I registered yesterday and uploaded two manuscripts. There must be two thousand manuscripts on-line. Sobering when one thinks of the competition. Rating is by peer criticism. Participants are expected to view others’ work and comment on the better ones. Those who comment the most have their names and pics published and seem to become well known and respected.

    I’m still a babe in the woods. But this is where the action is. Good for the soul to be among other writers. I think you’ll love it. One doesn’t need to upload any work to participate. On the other hand, many authors upload twenty or thirty thousand words (minimum ten thousand) with a note that the upload is incomplete or that work is still in progress. Some of these partials are highly rated.

    Hoping to see you there. Keep well.


  8. I think my comments must be landing in the bin – I didn’t say anything revolutionary buit I did stop by to say hello – hope they turn up eventually!

  9. Hmm. Matching knickers and bra. I used to do that a couple of decades ago when I still wore those items. It was actually pretty fun, come to think of it. Not fun enough to go out and buy some new ones. . .

  10. Matching bras and knickers is my dream! I’ll know I’m a grown up when I finally achieve it.

  11. NYC: I’m also off to the large apple, in early December. As Crocodile Dundee put it: “I’ll be in town for a few days, maybe I’ll see you around”.

  12. Sooooo with you on 2… And like a previous commenter said, when I manage to have only matching bras and kinckers in my drawer, I’ll know I’ve become a grown-up! A friend’s gran had some charming advice in this regard – always buy panties and bras in at least a 2:1 ratio. You may not wash your bra after EVERY wear, but you will wash the panties, so they will fade/stretch faster. Having more than one pair to match a bra helps.

    Oh dear, I’ve become the Martha Stewart of underwear!

    NYC – walk up 5th Avenue from somewhere in the mid-50s streets, along Central Park (dip into the park) and emerge at the Guggenheim Museum on about 88th Street. I would not bother with the art itself, but the building itself makes me smile every time. Definitely go and have a pizza at Luzzo’s And if that’s too many carbs for you, head for Katz’s Deli, order the pastrami on rye, and ditch the rye. Don’t forget to have the fab pickles! Lots of designer clothing bargains at Century 21 – don’t miss it. Go to Ellis Island. I was not expecting much, but it turned out to be one of the most affecting places I have ever been, and explained a whole lot about the success of America and Americans. Don ‘t bother about going up the Statue of LIberty – just take the ferry to the island, walk around, maybe take a few snaps and then board another ferry and get the hell out. Go and see Grand Central Station. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset. Walk.

  13. Hi Charlotte…well, I am addicted to your blog! You write so well.
    A must in NYC is the Public Library….it is so stunning and so awe-inspiring. I wanted to go to live there just so I could spend all my time in the NYPL! They have free guided tours twice a day that are really interesting too.
    I second the WALK! command. I walked 67 blocks in an afternoon with my mother and it was such a cultural experience, seeing all the different districts.
    The TILES for AMERICA exhibit on 7th and 11th avenue is also very moving…a really lovely and touching tribute to 9/11 victims.
    Bryant and Central Park too…and there is this lovely cake shop in Brooklyn, just beyond the bridge….I don’t know the name but their chocolate muffins are heavenly … just divine! A subway ride, at least one, is also a must!
    Have fun!

    P.S. The Empire State Building is worth the hype. It’s so cool to be able to say ‘I’m at the top of the Empire State Building!!!’ … we went early (8ish) to avoid the queues (successfully) and the light was beautiful. That’s the best time to go.

  14. Oh I miss NY. Have never worn matching bra and knickers, though. Walking was ever my fave mode of transport in Manhattan (my record would have been the financial district to the Upper West Side). Strand! Grand pianos on top of waterfalls in Korean restaurants!

  15. Oh, New York! I’m pinching myself in hope that I’ll wake up and still be there.

    The view from the top of the Empire State Building was absolutely worth the time. Granted, we bypassed the queues by holding a City Pass, which is worth it only if you are going to spend time at at least 4 of the attractions it covers as it gets you past the killer queues. When you’re up there try to ignore the other tourists and just soak it all in from the north to the south. For my money, it’s the best way to put the jigsaw of Manhattan Island together.

    I agree with Jeanne about the Guggenheim in that the building is stunning (and you can admire it for no outlay) but unless a large portion of the permanent collection is on display, forget the art. We spent time at The Met instead – loved their collection of Degas – and had lunch on the roof with a marvellous outlook over Central Park. I think that might be a seasonal thing, though, so may not be an option in November. If you go to Century 21, drop into St Paul’s opposite the World Trade Centre site and wonder at the resilience of the city and its people. A trip on the subway should be promoted as an attraction in itself – such a cross-section of people (and when we rode it, generally quick).

    Five days was simply not enough time to see and do all of what we wanted but that’s okay. There’s always next time. And whatever you do, enjoy!!!

  16. I will get to this meme soon. More importantly, email me exact NYC dates, so I can try to plan to meet you (at which point, I will provide you with fantastic restaurant recommendations only to be rivaled by the company :-)!)

  17. And I almost forgot – do visit Grand Central Station. It’s beautiful with stars on the ceiling and rather like the Mother of All Stations. Find a quiet spot and watch the commuters do their best to avoid colliding with each other!

    And do go to MOMA and see the giant Monet waterlily canvases, and Matisse’s Dance.

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