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Ciao Italia!


After a very lazy few weeks of barely blogging, I’m off to do even less blogging somewhere near here:

Salo, Lake Garda

I plan to read, write, swim, run, eat, drink, dream and enjoy some sunshine with my family. On my return, I hope to be a better blogger. Wishing you all sun and happiness in my absence.

(Image courtesy of Ricc_HB74)


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21 thoughts on “Ciao Italia!

  1. Have a gorgeous time! i’m sooo envious! Look forward to hearing about it when you get back.

  2. that looks divine – enjoy!!

  3. I hope you have a great time. Enjoy!

  4. Sounds wonderful 🙂 Enjoy!

  5. all the best to the five of you, the children will love it, and we’ll miss you

  6. I had a holiday at Farda on Lake Garda once and it was beautiful. I really enjoyed the boat trips on the lake and by the end of the holiday I had paid at least a brief visit to every village round the lake.


  7. I’m going to Arniston so I’ll remember you when I’m reading my books and looking out over the ocean. “I wonder if Charlotte has a view like this,” I’ll ask P. “Probably better.” Lots of sun and happiness to you and your family too.

  8. Lovely — have a wonderful time!

  9. What a wonderful trip that looks like! I hope it’s every bit as refreshing as it appears to be. xoxo, L

  10. Exceedingly envious now 😉 Have a wonderful time and I look forward to your creative report back when you return.

    PS – steer clear of stag parties and backpackers when wearing satin shoes 🙂

  11. I’m happy for you of course… but I am experiencing an impolite level of jealousy.

  12. Have a fab time. Is the drought affecting you there or are things better?

  13. Come home already!

  14. Hello, I was directed here after answering Caroline’s Black Boxes widgety thing. JJx

  15. Hi. The widget brought me here!

  16. That looks like an amazing place to holiday! The widget brought me here but someday I hope it brings me to Lake Garda!

  17. I’ve been past the lakes on the train…tantalizing..

    Meanwhile the widget brought me here – nice to see you again x

  18. I would love to visit Italy one day……oh hi I’m another widget addict

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