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I Confess


Last night, I watched eight episodes of Sex and the City back-to-back, ending at Charlotte’s marriage to Harry. I also ate three packets of chilli rice cakes, one packet of chocolate rice cakes and a helping of choc chip ice-cream.

Sorry, wrong kind of confession.

I wrote the first 1000 words of Chapter Nine this week, as well as a whole lot of free-writing trying to get into the head of the narrator whose chapter this is. Last night in the haze of telly and food-that-comes-from-packets, I decided that the scene with which I began Chapter Nine is not far enough down the action timeline and will have to parked in the “Extra Stuff” file for use at a later date (how did writers manage before word processors?). I am heading into the last third of the novel now and am looking for big, dramatic, climatic scenes that beg for resolution.

Part of the problem is that I don’t have a story outline, so each chapter has evolved rather than been written from plan. I am starting to realise that this first draft is the outline, albeit one that has taken six months to write. When I start the second draft, I will be in a much stronger place, ready to polish, intensify and clarify. I am looking forward to that.

Other things I have done this week:

1. Made a shortlist of agents to approach once I have finished

2. Had a blogger date with the lovely Ms Martini

3. Almost managed a free-standing headstand in yoga

4. Made basil and lavender ice-cream, which was oddly good

5. Ran three kilometres in 20 minutes (my goal is 10kms in an hour)

6. Imagined myself tottering around Manhattan delivering bon mots when I visit New York in November. “I am a lady!”

My goals for the coming week:

1. Establish the appropriate action for Chapter Nine, and write it!

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise

And that’s all, folks.

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13 thoughts on “I Confess

  1. Well done with the headstand (and withe the writing of course!) I think a just achieved wobbly headstand was as far as I got when I did yoga regualrly – I’d love to get back to that point again, it was a great feeling, but not enough to get myself to yoga classes on a regular basis or do it alone.

    Basil and lavender ice cream sounds wonderful – did the kids try it? When I made lavender biscuits two of mine liked them, the other thought they were yuk.

  2. Well done! Your week seems so action-packed compared to mine… IMO, don’t try and think about your 2nd draft just yet, that always stopped me from going further and deeper into the first! Btw, where did you find the recipe for lavender and basil ice cream?

  3. I remember that Kiran Desai said she wrote about 1,500 pages for “The Inheritance of Loss” before cutting it down by over a third. I’m not sure if that’s inspirational or disheartening but it shows dedication. I like your goals and am also adding exercise to mine this week. Gives me a greater sense of accomplisment that I at least got some stuff done.

  4. Haha, love the (first) confessions. I admire your vision for your writing. I am not there yet, but reading you gives me such a good example.

    I’ll be especially interested to learn how you go about getting an agent. I haven’t had one, and when I did get one, I stopped writing (which is fine, because she stopped representing people and became an author herself). I don’t think I will get one for the next few things I publish, but once I hit my daily stride (as you have) I will. So, keep reporting how it’s going. It’s encouraging.

  5. You’re coming to New York? And we’re leaving New York? Now I’m irritated. That’s two blog friends I’m missing now.

  6. Sounds like you’ve done some cool things this week — I’m impressed by the headstand!

  7. That’s what I like to see — lots of progress on all fronts! Oddly enough, I did a headstand this week for the first time in about a year and a half — must be headstand season!

  8. Wow- you are clearly powering ahead on all fronts here, Charlotte! Good luck with finishing the first draft. I’ve every faith in you!

  9. Gotta love a “Sex and the City” marathon. I remember many of those over winter (and with packaged goods also).

    Like the “Extra Stuff” file. I ought to try that, because what I end up doing is parking all those future bits at the end of the manuscript file (inserted page break to separate from the draft). So, I’ve now got 20 pages of bits and pieces, ideas I thought brilliant at the time, and drivel wagging its tail at me. That said, it’s come in handy, because all I do is scroll down to remind myself what I’d been thinking…

  10. Charlotte, they say confession is good for the soul. Yours is good for mine as it made me laugh this morning. You seem very in control and I’m thinking I should write a list of what I have accomplished instead of miring myself in the morass of what I haven’t. No headstands for me though, I have enough trouble balancing on high heels.

  11. Love the “ooops, sorry, wrong confession” bit, and terribly impressed with the headstand. Years of my radiographic parents telling me that headstands of any descriptions are Very Dangerous have cured me of any desire to do a headstand, but well done you! I’m more into gentle sun salutations at the moment, but have to say that the warrior pose (one of them, at any rate) makes me feel tremendously energised.

    And re. your to do list… I think I might want your life 🙂

  12. New York in November!!? I am jealous now – don’t think I’ll be going back there for a little while to come… But it is essential to watch all of Sex and the City before you go – it’s only sensible research!

  13. New York in November 🙂 lucky you! and a headstand!!! I’m impressed. Even when doing yoga, not something I have tried yet. Best of all, your writing. Yaay! and whether it gets filed or can be used straight away, I’ve found any writing serves the purpose of being there, ready, when the Muse comes (am I listening to myself? Hello, Susan? ) You certainly set a wonderful example of keeping on writing, no matter what……..and I for one can hardly wait to read your novel – not that there is any pressure, no, just letting you know you have a ready-made audience when it’s ready!! 🙂

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