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Being back in the riches of my family life has meant my writing output has slowed down again. Having a monster migraine didn’t help either (have scheduled visit to Frauenarzt to talk about the headaches because, frankly, they are getting old). This week has not been so successful in terms of writing, but what I have managed is this:

1. I plugged the gap in Chapter 8, using some material I wrote three years ago. This new scene contains a character who might not make the second draft, because she’s kind of light and funny, but I like how her lightness contrasts with all the Sturm und Drang that the other characters are suffering. This character makes me think I should be writing chick lit, or farces, because her throwaway lines came easily to me.

2. I have acted on my idea for my second novel, which is going to be a historical novel set in Kimberley, South Africa, during the diamond rush, and wrote to some people about how to go about researching it. Both my contacts came back with brilliant ideas and I am suffused with energy for this second project. One of them suggested rereading The Story of An African Farm by Olive Schreiner, just to get a feel for the period, and this weekend I am going to brave the Keller (which is undergoing a renovation project, turning two storage rooms into two offices, one for me and one for my husband) and seek it out.

So my writing goals for this week are:

a. Get seriously stuck into Chapter 9.

b. Source and read the Olive Schreiner.

c. Do more sport! Sport = energy = creativity = words on the page. This week I ran 8kms for the first time. It took 65 minutes. As a non-sporty person who had asthma as a child and couldn’t run 300 metres without wheezing, this was a huge achievement for me. Any accolades you feel like sharing will be warmly welcomed, since my husband is getting tired of telling me how wonderful I am. My goal is to run 10kms in an hour so that I can participate in a local fun-run in October.

What are your writing goals for the week? (Feel free to share any exercise goals you may have too – I’m keen on those!)

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6 thoughts on “Confessing

  1. You’re so organised! I do have writing goals this week, though they’re all to do with my research project. The on-hold novel kicks off again in September after I (hopefully) submit it.

    Goal for this week? Draft the methodology section! Start updating the literature review! Thrills, huh?

  2. Wow! That is a really good run! I am very impressed. My writing goal for the week is to write 3 posts of substance for my blog (ie no YouTube/pictures/links unless accompanied with plenty of good WORDS!). Exercise-wise, I am going to take my bike to work next week as I am on my own while the boss and financial director (AKA mum and dad) are away. A daily bike ride will be good exercise and good for the soul, since I work in such a pretty spot. Good luck with your goals, Charlotte!

  3. Nice job with the run! I just ran a mile yesterday, and my muscles are sore, so I’m impressed by anyone who can run well right now!

  4. Writing goal nowadays: to develop an attitude of mind allowing me to sit down and write at odd moments and hours, without having to meditate first. I achieve this by living inside the novel twenty four hours a day, even when I’m doing everything else. It’s a lot of fun and works for me.

    Fitness: oxygen through the brain is pure magic and transforms one into a super thinker. Via exercise, I cut back on alcohol too which kills the brain stone dead. I actually gave up alcohol for writing.

    I could never pound the pavements. My knees wouldn’t take it. I skipped every day instead, sprinting over the rope (leather) with five hundred revolutions in three and a half minutes. Heart beat up to a hundred and sixty, but coming back to ninety in about a minute and a half.
    Makes one feel terrific, able to take on any problem and solve it too.

    Running up stairs instead of using the lift. Eleven storeys in fifty nine seconds. Heart up to 160, but soon back to 90. This was at forty nine years of age. All this to enable me to write.

    I ride a bike everywhere. Fantastic. Also, no late nights if I want to write.
    Sit ups too. Tones the stomach muscles and prevents sore backs. Start slowly in number and increase them over the weeks.

    I hope you found out about honey to prevent migraines. A teaspoon of honey in every cup of tea.

    Thrilled to know there’s a second novel being planned. Never look back. That’s the way to go go go.

    Regards to all from the Malacca Straits.


  5. 8kms – OMG!! I have only ever run 5 (and even that had a little break of power walking in the middle somewhere!). At the time I remember feeling on top of the world and thinking that if I coudl manage that without killing myself training, I could do possibly do a 10km. But then I sat down and the feeling went away 😉

    That said, we’ve just spent a week in the mountains and climbing hills at 1000 or 2000 metres certainly gives yuo a new perspective on fitness. Still, I loved every minute of it. Wish I could work up so much enthusiasm for the gym…

    I completed a writing project while on holiday last week that also made me think I should be writing chick lit – even though it’s something I never read… More details on the mysterious project to follow!

    “Second book” – you have no idea how much in awe I am of your using those words…

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