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Five Things


I may have done this meme before in a parallel universe, but my new friend Pete, who blogs at Couch Trip, tagged me and since he lives in my favourite city in the world (see his blog header for a gorgeous photograph), I am succumbing. Feel free to avert your eyes if you think you may have seen all this before …

Five Habits Meme

What was I doing 10 years ago?

I had a career! But it was boring. I was a manager! But only a product manager. I flew business class! But had to give up my airmiles to the company. Friends of mine were having babies! But I wasn’t ready yet. I pursued my career some more! But I went off the pill, just in case. Then my life changed forever!

Five snacks I enjoy in a perfect, non-weight gaining world:

1. Chocolate

2. Chocolate-covered nuts

3. Bread and butter

4. Pizza

5. Cheesecake

Five snacks I enjoy in the real world:

All of the above, but rationed. Also:



Rice-cakes (chilli flavour)


Chai tea lattes

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire:

1. Buy my mother her dream retirement home.

2. Fund AIDS orphans on a grand scale.

3. Build an eco-friendly, sustainable house.

4. Take my family on an awesome holiday.

5. Replace the little sports-car my husband had to sell when he married me – I know how much it hurt him to do so.

Five jobs I have had:

1. Voter registration for the PFP

2. Totally useless waitress

3. Selling dolls that wet themselves

4. Rookie crime journalist

5. Fundraiser

Five habits:

1. Making time to write

2. Making time to exercise

3. Kissing my children

4. Looking at my husband and thinking, “How lucky am I?”

5. Planning real and fantasy holidays

Five places I have lived:

1. Observatory, Cape Town

2. Parktown, Johannesburg

3. St Margarets, London

4. Schwetzingen, Germany

5. Atlanta, Georgia

Five people I’d like to get to know better:

Diane of Martinis for Two (soon to meet in RL), G of BigAppleToBigBear (just met in RL), Tanya of Just Me (know in RL, but interested in her answers), Angela of An Observer Abroad (know in RL and whose blog is yet to be sullied by a meme), and Sandy of Off the Beaten Track (go forth and read her fabulous travel blog – it is the stuff of my dreams).


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

9 thoughts on “Five Things

  1. I love that “totally useless waitress,” which is exactly what I would be if , for some reason, like the world were coming to an end, I had to take up that occupation.

  2. Funny, I also did voter registration for the PFP!

  3. I love how your habits are all positive things!

  4. I’d be a totally useless crime journalist if I had to take up that occupation. I have alwys wondered why beginner journalists are offered just the jobs that kill the wish to be a journalist for good.

  5. Charlotte, your answers made me laugh. Dolls that wet themselves – very important training. I wonder if there’s a market for toy dogs that run off and do things on the neighbour’s lawn. Maybe not. I’m sure all your travels and different experiences (including the waitering) make for interesting writing. Look forward to reading the novel in due course.

  6. Charlotte, how lovely for you to say. You are a woman I admire from afar, and frequently laugh with. I will delve into the lives of the others, for sure.

  7. “Dolls that wet themselves” — how funny!

  8. Great meme. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, but if it’s any consolation I’ve missed you

  9. Thanks for the tag! I’m still in Egypt, but the hubby just hooked me up with a dedicated wireless connection. I know what I’ll be do tomorrow! 😉

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