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Gold Star


This is what I am giving myself for achieving my writing retreat goal of 12,000 words – and I did in five days instead of six! I completed a chapter and wrote two more. Very thrilling. And there was an unexpected twist at the end of Chapter Eight, which surprised even me. The tension is growing, my characters are all over the show: confused, ashamed, emotional, seeking guidance and resolution. I am going to have to head on in there and sort the lot of them out, but rest assured, the ending won’t be too neat.

As my reward, I’m off to the Bergmannstrasse yoga studio for an hour and half’s class, after which I’m meeting a friend for dinner. I think I may even allow myself a celebratory glass of wine – my first since I arrived here.

I think it is richly deserved.

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18 thoughts on “Gold Star

  1. Have a drink, as long as you are not near any electronic devices.

  2. Have a LARGE drink! Wow! Can’t wait!
    Ps the other flavour.. lemon… ate all 6 on the train!

  3. Very richly deserved! So glad to hear you have been motoring on with your writing. Sounds as if your retreat has been a real treat 😉

  4. Awesome!

    I am soooo jealous of your retreat and your accomplishment!

  5. A great achievement, and an apt reward…

  6. Yay Charl! You must be feeling simply wonderful and very smug…. I am so pleased all is going so swimmingly. :-))

  7. Gold star indeed! Congratulations, Charlotte!

  8. Wait a minute: you wrote 4,000 words between your Berlin Diary post of 6/22 and your Gold Star post of 6/23?! That’s FANTASTIC! Berlin is indeed an inspiring place.

  9. Definitely deserving of a gold star. I hope you enjoyed the drink(s)!!

  10. Wow, way to go, Charlotte! I’m so glad your retreat was even more productive than you’d hoped for.

  11. Hooray! Well done. You’re making me feel quite guilty about blogging when I should be doing yoga, let alone writing.

  12. P.S. And all that in a city as distracting as Berlin!

  13. I need a writing retreat! I am so so glad it’s been so valuable for you. Hope you enjoyed the glass (or two?) of wine!

  14. Congratulations! You are an inspiration – I am now planning my very own writing retreat for late fall….Hmmmm.

  15. Congratulations! That must be a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. Hope you had a lovely time with yoga and relaxing over a drink.

  16. More than one gold star, I hope? And you just make me die to read the book.

  17. Congratulations on the most excellent retreat!

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