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Five Bits of Fluff


I think memes are the popcorn of the blog world. And since there are five kids in my sitting-room, eating popcorn and watching Free Willy, I’m going to indulge in some fluffery of my own. My friend Loren, a food blogger from San Francisco (the US city I most want to visit) charged me with the Five Things meme. I have done this a few times before, but, like popcorn, it’s a meme that’s moreish.

Five Fluffy Things About Me:

1. Having just seen the Sex in the City movie, I am currently working my way through all six seasons of the TV show. My favourite of the gals is Miranda, Charlotte makes me laugh and I am sooooo jealous of Carrie’s legs. I’m not mad about Samantha, but I like the way she embodies female desire. On that topic, Mr Big is far and away the hottest man on the show, but I’d give Steve the bartender the time of day. In the movie, the scene between him and Miranda on the bridge made me cry so hard that my nose ran.

2. I really like dancing. At a party, I am guaranteed to be first on the dance-floor. And I’m a cheap drunk, so basically, I’m great value.

3. The tree pose always reminds me of my past life as an Indian yogi.

4. If I had to choose between having an uninterrupted hour to write or eating the best chocolate in the world, I’d take the hour.

5. If I were a house, I would be chintz. And proud.

Now I am supposed to tag five people, but I don’t do that anymore. So I’m stealing from YogaMum. Consider yourself tagged if:

1. You have had a conversation about Sex in the City in the past week.

2. This makes you feel like doing silly dancing:

3. If you have done the tree pose today.

4. If you have refused chocolate in the last hour.

5. If this looks like heaven to you.


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17 thoughts on “Five Bits of Fluff

  1. Hi Charlotte! I enjoyed the proclaimers song and your comments re Sex and th City made me smile. I just had a conversation with my sister where she quoted a review that the movie should have been sub-titled, “The lying, the bitch and the wardrobe”. That is so mean – but pretty funny. I guess the wardrobe refers to the closet that Mr Big promises Carrie (or something). As for me, I’m all cultured out today. First the Cape Junior Ballet (really excellent) and then string quartet (oy vey). Enjoy the weekend.

  2. Oh, Charlotte makes me laugh (as do you!) but I always want Miranda to take a long bath and smoke a big joint and just RELAX. Though she is a devoted friend to Carrie. Samantha is just who she is, and I really respect how they wrote her character as really being clear on who she is, even if who she is is pretty self-centered. Funny how Carrie is the main character, but I can’t form any strong opinions about her. Steve definitely wins points for being simply in love (and that bridge scene was incredible), but I always did vote for Aidan…Mr. Big smirks too much for me 🙂

    I guess that counts as #1, and I’d definitely agree with #5, so I guess I’m tagged!

  3. I haven’t watched Sex and the City for a long time but if that YouTube clip is the Proclaimers ( Youtube doesn’t like to play for me anymore so I didn’t see it), just hearing their name is enough to cause silly dancing moves in my toes,so I’ll count myself tagged!

    I didn’t think I was chinzty but I like the look of that patchwork quilt – I guess chintzty to me means frilled and overblown, but I like the fresh pretty look, even though my house doesn’t look anything like that …if I were a house it would be full of old furniture that doesn’t really match and needs a bit of a polish but is well-used and treasured – it could probably use the chintz to freshen it up a bit!

    Refusing chocolate is an unlikely scenario here and I love the tree pose but haven’t done it for ages.

  4. I’m hoping to see the Sex and the City movie soon, and I love the old reruns. I like Charlotte best, in fact, when I first started reading this blog I rather pictured you as that Charlotte, and I don’t know that you are so dissimilar! Alas I cannot eat chocolate, so I’m obliged to take the hour. But that would be fine, too 🙂

  5. I’m very much a Miranda girl, and the scene on the bridge made me cry too! (I blamed my pregnancy hormones, but I should obviously think some more…). But I’m really in no shape for the tree pose today and I’ve had just had some chocolate… I’m not tagged then!

  6. A scheduled girls night to watch Sex and the City is on the cards! Can’t wait! As for silly dancing – when I get the chance, except my dancing is past silly and into the ridiculous – I enjoy myself, those around me have a good laugh, just don’t show me the video afterwards! Huge cringe factor! After reading the rest of your meme I have realised that it is time I take a hour for myself and actually get down to doing the tree pose, open the chakras and get this hunched body away from the laptop and stretched out! Just about to break my chocolate fast – it is Lindt! (yum) but I wish I could take my chocolate truffle and curl up with a good book in ‘heaven’.

  7. I’m not tagged, but I’m respectfully asking to repeat #4 at social gatherings.

  8. I’ve only gotten to see the movie in German, and am hoping I can make it in time to see it in English!

    So you know, I own all 6 seasons on DVD–so if you are having to rent your copies, I am happy to loan mine to you.

  9. Charlotte, oh I just love this post. It’s fluff and fun and the song makes me smile!

    I haven’t seen the movie, nor have I watched the series. One of my daughters and I started watching it, but somehow forgot to finish it, so I suppose I’d better start again, as now I’ve forgotten who’s who. I think I must not be a normal woman, since it just didn’t grip me the way it seems to grip others (the series). But I do like “What Not to Wear,” so that counts, doesn’t it?

    As for the photo of heaven… I have some photos of the interior of the guest room in our old house that would be right up your alley. And, yes, it was heaven. The coziest room ever. I was planning to blog about something else today, but was so tickled by your post that I’m going to do the meme instead.

    Oh, and I knew there was something else we have in common besides writing: #2.

  10. Where is the gorgeous room Choc? It looks like your Mum’s old house!

  11. I’m tagging myself because not only do I enjoy silly dancing, I was doing it on Saturday at my sister’s 50th birthday party.
    There were five of us, all normally sedate women of a certain age, boogying in the front room long after everyone else had gone to bed.
    We even pinched my brother-in-law’s Dad Rock cd so we could relive our air guitar and headbanging days. We finally went off to bed as the sun was rising. Oh dear.
    And I was sober!

  12. Oh sugar. I did tree pose at 9:15 this morning.

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  14. You crack me up! I haven’t see SATC but will do so soon and have always loved the series. My fave man was never Mr Big – it was Aidan. I was actually yelling at the TV when Carrie screwed that up (and to think I swore I would never turn into my father…!). Miranda was far and away my favourite character – even Nick admitted that she and I share a personality. Maybe it’s a lawyer thing.

    I love, love the tree pose (although my latest favourite is the toe balance – like the tree only 10 times harder!) – it makes me feel totally focused and at peace. And I’d take the hour of writing too… if only somebody would offer me that elusive uninterrupted hour!

  15. Well, let’s see. I suppose I’m tagged if 3 out of the 5 pertain to me? (As if the Queen o’ Memes wouldn’t have tagged herself anyway!) Which 3? 1. Is there really anyone who hasn’t, even if they don’t plan to see the movie? (Bob read that last line of the review Pete mentions to me). 2. Love the Proclaimers, and I definitely want to get up and dance to this (I danced like an idiot when I saw them in concert back when Bob and I were first dating). 5. Absolutely heaven. Oh yes, and I’m sure 4 would be me if I had children. I’m lucky enough to have many hours when Bob (the only one who ever interrupts me) is out of the house/sleeping that I can write (doesn’t mean I do it, though. I spend a good deal of that time reading blogs instead of writing).

  16. I am glad you enjoyed SATC – I have heard so many people slam it I wasn’t sure how I would like it. I agree about the bridge scene – there was a moment when I held my breath wondering if Steve was going to show just sa Miranda was doing the same. Never understood the whole Big thing. Although any man who made me closet like that would have my undying love!

    ps The Proclaimers rock. Simple as.

  17. Hiya, it’s a bit late 2 reply as per SOP’s but doing my usual catch-up.

    1. SATC – loved , laffed and cried.
    2. 1 and 1/2 glasses of wine and I am dancing queen.
    3. Did variety of tree poses 2 prevent further pain and blisters 2 feet from silly, but gorgeous shoes (alternating feet on regular basis whilst waiting for kids to finish on various rides at fun fair) It was also raining so I had my arm up holding my umbrella – so does this count as various tree poses ?
    4. I succumb 2 choc’s every time. I adore chocs and would find life dull without a daily indulgence.
    5. Van der Rohe said ‘less is more. ‘ Sometimes I like opposing this theme and love the ‘more is more,’ theme . If that includes chintz so be it. I’m into blousy peonies and shot, raw silk fabrics and battered copper at the moment. I’m trying to make it work and I think I’m getting there.

    x me

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