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Friday ‘Fess Up


I have to confess it’s Thursday. It’s not even Friday. But I’m writing this post just in case tomorrow gets ahead of me and in the mad rush of kindergarten dashes, ballet delivery and grocery retrieval I forget to post my Friday Writing Confession. Here it is. It’s brief:

Chapter Six now consists of 2,500 words.

Some of these words were written in Berlin, some this week, but I have managed to coalesce them and I know where we’re going. There’s a bit of South African election madness in this chapter, a car accident in London, a bit where a mother meets her son’s male friend over his hospital bed and becomes convinced this is his lover, and another bit where she realises that home, however much it has her heart for its beauty, will always be a laager for her, a place where she is trapped. Does she go back to being trapped? Of course she does.

Now that I’m beyond the sticking point of my novel, beyond my own trap of 30,000 words, and heading into the meat and bones of it, I’m stunned by how workmanlike the process is. Word after word after word. Move the action on. What to put in. What to leave out. I have had soaring moments of inspiration before, but not this week. This week I’ve been loading my wheelbarrow up with bricks and carting them one place, getting them out, then loading them up and carting them somewhere else. It’s been a slog.

I need to get both my writing and my exercise routine back on track, because the two seem to feed off each other. The more I exercise, the more I clear my head and the easier the words seem to flow. This week, with no exercise (thanks to a massive migraine and hayfever, followed by laziness), they’ve been clogging. But at least I know where I’m taking them.

How was your writing week?


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11 thoughts on “Friday ‘Fess Up

  1. Good for you, Charlotte! Keep on writing. You should be proud of the progress you are making, word after word after word.

  2. Glad to hear the writing is going well. The creation of Art requires alot of polished technique and good workmanship. So I am sure you are on the right track. My writing is still in the doldrums but the gardening is coming along well, which according to Gertrude Jeckyll, is one of the fine arts. Well I never.

  3. That’s great! Even though you had so much going on, you managed to move on! We certainly shouldn’t wait for the inspiration fairy to come everyday!

  4. Having had the privilege of reading some of this I can only cheer you on with enthusiasm, Charlotte! You write really beautifully – you can do this, no question. I also find that a writing routine really helps. If I settle in to doing two or three hours a day it all goes better. It’s been half term holiday here so I’ve been disrupted too – it’s so hard to keep on track.

  5. The novel sounds so interesting already and you should feel good about making progress even when it’s not coming naturally. Most good things don’t. 🙂

  6. Way to go! I’m reminded of the quote that genius is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration (or figures that effect!) – you certainly seem to have both going for you. Good luck with getting the exercise regime back on track – I have vowed to do something about mine this week too…

  7. I am so impressed.

  8. I agree that writing and exercise are linked. I think it has to do with keeping mental, emotional and physical energy flowing. Congrats on the writing progress.

  9. Great progress! I like your wheelbarrow metaphor — it may be a slog, but you ARE getting stuff moved around and eventually everything will be in the right place.

  10. Nice summary of your writing highlights. I don’t know which is the worst affliction: migraines, hayfever or laziness.

  11. Slogging through deserves great credit in my book, well done! The exercise/writing thing is the same for me too. I’m getting close to the 30,000 mark and will will feel pretty damn good when I get beyond it 🙂
    Go girl!

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