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Confessions of a Slacker


722 words. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

I’ve also been slacking on the blogging front. This is probably the first time – apart from holidays – that I haven’t blogged for a whole week.

Instead of writing and blogging, I have been doing some living. In the style of the lovely Ms Make Tea, here are some random items of life that have got in the way:

  • A morning at Daisy’s kindergarten, making her Schultüte with her. The Schultüte is a cone-shaped object, decorated according to the child’s fancy, that is filled with goodies and presents, which the child takes to their Einschulungsfest. This is a special day to celebrate starting school. It involves a church service, a walk to school carrying both Tüte and spanking new backpack (the Rantzen), a ceremony of welcome and a visit to their classroom with their new teacher. Then they go home, have coffee and cake with the family, and unpack the Tüte. Daisy’s is beautiful: a winter ice-skating scene with sparkling ice and mountains, all in white, blue and silver. She is clearly moving out of the pink princess phase, which is a relief.
  • A visit to the Auslaenderamt to renew my Aufenthaltserlaubnis. Yes, that is as stressful as it sounds – German officials are very officious and I always tend to arrive minus the one vital piece of paper that would ensure having my residence permit renewed on the spot. However, the guy in charge of surnames N to P, which encompasses us, is the most relaxed official in Germany, and the whole thing was achieved in five minutes. Afterwards, we sat in the sun in Heidelberg cafe and breakfasted. Lovely!
  • Three jogs and a yoga class with my very lovely yoga teacher (I have to say this because she now reads my blog and doesn’t want to be cast as one of the nasty Germans in the drama that is Life in the Burg – and she is very lovely). All my runs have been outdoors and I have loved the sunshine, the green hills and the swift wide Neckar river.
  • Going through the children’s clothes, putting outside the old and outgrown ones for charity (and placed these on the street for removal today) and replacing winter clothes with summer ones. It is lovely to see everyone running around in sandals, short sleeves and sunhats.
  • Planning and booking our family’s visit to Berlin and Luebeck next week. We are staying in holiday apartments rather than hotels, which, I discovered on my last visit to the Hauptstad, is the way to go. I am dreaming of Berlin.
  • Watching DVDs! I laffed my way through the first season of Flight of the Conchords, which is a hilarious programme about two New Zealand musicians trying to make it in New York, with the help of their abjectly useless band manager, Murray. I also watched Babel, with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, which is an excellent and sobering film.
  • Discovering the Love Food Not Waste website, which I am plundering for tips on how not to waste food, in light of Emily’s EcoJustice Challenge. Broccoli stalk soup anyone?

And now I’m off to lie in the hammock.

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16 thoughts on “Confessions of a Slacker

  1. Well I’m sitting here checking Bloglines every five minutes for distraction from writing about ostrich handbags right now and I haven’t reached anywhere near your total of words yet.

    I need to go through the children’s clothes too, making the summer to winter transition and discovering that no-one has any winter shoes that fit, only crocs or flip flops to go to school in. I’ve rushed out and bought them wellie boots, so a fine array of plastic footwear is at their disposal..

    Enjoy your hammock, as I wonder whether to light the first fire of winter tonight!

  2. So, you haven’t been slacking–you’ve been living!

    Congratulations to Daisy for her new phase in life. Now I have hope that the sparkly pink princess stuff, which my daughter is just now discovering, might not last forever 🙂

  3. Sounds like Daisy’s project could be posted to Lynda at Lulu Bays’s Project Pyramid, no?

    And thank you for the Love Food Not Waste link. I’m headed there now!

  4. Sandals and t-shirts… Charlotte, hardly fair. Arriving in Toronto to 10 degree weather! Back home, 24 today! So looking forward to you and your gang making the streets, cafes and playgrounds of Luebeck unsafe for normal folk. If luck holds out, you guys might even dip your feet into the freezing Baltic Sea.

  5. Kit, wellies are fine footwear. My kids wear them a lot – rainproof, snowproof and easy to put on. Bonus. Oh, and good luck writing about ostrich handbags. Is there only so much to say?

    Henitserk, yes! We are ready to move on from the princess phase. I am much happier that she is modelling herself after ice-skaters. Oh and I have been living. It’s been good.

    Diane, I would love to submit the cone to the pyramid challenge, but kindergarten won’t release it until summer. We can only imagine its cone-shaped gorgeousness. Enjoy the web-site! I thought it was great.

  6. Lia, welcome back. We are looking forward to seeing you enormously. And we shall try to behave ourselves, if unseemly gorging on marzipan is acceptable behaviour in Lübeck!

  7. If that’s slacking…I’m in. It sounds like you had a lovely week.

  8. I’m with Henitsirk above–sounds quite lovely actually 🙂

  9. Hi, Charlotte, I agree: You’ve been getting things done, though maybe not what you intended to get done. I had a bad week in the writing department myself. Very painful.

    Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett — that is an intriguing combo, no? Too bad it wasn’t a comedy!

  10. Oh, yay for spring, Charlotte! And for living. In fact, today I looked at myself in the mirror and said, I want to live and I want to write about it. (Ridiculous, I know the way a woman talks to herself in the mirror.) SO, some weeks you do a lot of living and save up for other weeks the writing about it. Oh, by the way, 722 words? That’s a lot! xo, L

  11. Bullet points are ace!

    I’m glad you’ve got into the Conchords. They are from Wellington and I think they are very New Zealand in their low key, laconic, quirky, off beatness. I saw them a couple of times in small live venues before they got world famous (its very rare we in New Zealand, population 4 million & the last busstop nowhere get to say this!) and they were actually even funnier live than on their tv show, I think.

  12. Ms Make Tea, in this house we are in love with Jemaine, Bret and Murray. It’s something about the mildness, and that they are so hideously unsuccessful, that makes them so funny. Is there a second season?

    Lily, you’re right, this was a week for living. Sometimes living and just thinking about writing is enough. Glad you think 722 is good. Last week I did 7000 – twice!

    Thanks Alida, and Ms Espresso, it was a lovely week, especially given the sunshine.

  13. Yes, a second season is in production. Though I must admit I fear it may not be as good because I think they used up most of their songs on the first season. I guess they could write more but the quality may not be as good as the ones in the first which they had honed for years

  14. You know, I once read somewhere that Tom Robbins only writes something like one sentence per day, so I’d say 722 words is quite awesome! I mean, look at all he’s published. Meanwhile, sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful time living.

  15. Laughin myself silly with Flight of the Conchords too! I’m a true slacker… blogging and bloglining at work!

  16. Agree with one of the above commenters – you’re not slacking – you’re indulging in Real Life! :o) We also did the big Winter/Summer clothes swap this weekend – I could not wear long black trousers to work one more day. Seeing my legs in a summer skirt was like rediscovering old friends!!

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