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International Harry Potter Day


OK, it wasn’t, it was International Workers’ Day and in Germany, Father’s Day, but somehow the theme of our day was Harry Potter. Today, the girls mixed magic potions which they poured into little glass jars and threaded onto string to wear around their necks. Lily’s was a potion for luck, and Daisy’s was a multi-functional “do-everything” potion. Then they saddled up the broomsticks for a lively game of Quidditch in the garden. Lily was the Seeker.

At some point, I was up in the bedroom with Ollie, and we had the following HP-related conversation:

Ollie (pointing to a Harry Potter paperback which I have been reading to Daisy at bedtime): That’s my Harry Potter.

Mummy: Oh, do you like Harry Potter?

Ollie: Yes.

Mummy: Is Harry Potter a wizard?

Ollie (laughing): Nooooooo.

Mummy: Oh. My mistake.

Ollie: He saw his Mummy and Daddy in the mirror.

Clearly, he was taking in some of the story as I read it to D. And it would be hard to forget the scene, as both Daisy and I cried when we read it. Then Lily joined us and took part in the crying. As a family, we are very moved by Harry’s orphan status.

This evening, while I was reading a far less interesting book to Daisy, Lily – who is now on HP and The Half-Blood Prince came in and noted that all the baddies in the Harry Potter books are known by their surnames: Voldemort, Snape, Malfoy, Quirrell. She’s right, of course. I forsee a great future for her as a book blogger.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting on the Literate Kitten’s writing challenge Fess-Up Friday, where writers confess to how much or how little they have written that week. I’d better go and tackle the monster that has become Chapter Five. I call it Voldemort.


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3 thoughts on “International Harry Potter Day

  1. I’ve shielded my kids from the HP onslaught as I think they’re too young for much of the content. But they do have a tiny inkling, having seen Mama and Papa reading those monstrous huge books, and having come across other kids who are equally obsessed. But I know they will love them someday!

    Ooh…Lily’s got literary potential! (Though Dumbledore is also primarily known by his last name. Maybe the exception to the rule?)

  2. Yes, I also thought of Dumbledore as the exception, but I didn’t point that out to her. If I did though, it would provoke long and intense discussion …

  3. i think the issue with the surname is not really dark wizards, but great wizards. because snape dumbledore and voldemort are all amazing wizards, even malfoy can be seen as great. some others such as crabbe and goyle are probably because they follow the malfoy’s so fully.

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