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Project FGN


Before I give you a brief update, let me just note that after a talking-to from my husband, the project will no longer be known as Thin, Grey Novelist but Fit, Grey Novelist. Being thin is not a good goal, but being fit is.

Being Fit

I ran five kilometres for the first time last week. I liked it so much I ran the distance three more times during the course of the week. The key to my running success: an iPod! Having pooh-poohed them, I was surprised at what a huge difference music of my own choice made to my stamina and enjoyment. Thanks to the above-mentioned husband for a wonderful present and my fabulous gym playlist. You are a superstar. I also attended a yoga class and a fitness class with Tommy “Teletubby” Fitness Instructor. Today, I have a sick child and a nauseous headache so no gym attendance happening.

Being Grey

I went for my annual haircut on Saturday and refused highlights. Very empowering.

Being a Novelist

I’m stuck on Chapter Five. There’s not much more I can say about that, except that this novel is exactly at the point where it died three years (the 30 000 word point) and I’m having a mini-crisis. However, my lovely writing cheerleaders stepped in and said inspiring words to me about Chapter Four, so as soon as I post this, I’m heading off to face the unlovely protagonist of Five.

I’m having some very entertaining email contact from the 70-year-old father of a friend of mine. He (the father, not the friend) lives on a yacht in Malaysia and is a writer. We are sharing information about agents and publishers, but he is much further down the line than me, having had a novel published in the Seventies and with a completed manuscript now. He asked me if Commonwealth writers can approach US literary agents and while I saw no reason why not, I mailed an agent in San Francisco just to check. His response was:

You’re not under obligation to query British agents
exclusively.  I would take a close work at your work to see where you
think its natural home market lies, since each market has different
tastes, and then query based on that.

So watch out, all you US agents. You’re going to be hearing from me and my yacht-living writer friend! I may be grey, but I’m getting fit and I’m coming at you, unpleasant protagonist and all. Now I really must go and drown her, or something.

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12 thoughts on “Project FGN

  1. Dear Charlotte,

    I went running yesterday and discovered too late that my Ipod was out of power… Well I I simply could not run! It was as if my brain was not getting the right signals. In fact I do not go running , I go out to intensely listen to music that I may have just downloaded and have not heard for ages (my hilarious 80’s collection), or have never listened to before. I listen to classical music a lot too, Bach’s Mattheus Passion is my most recent companion. Hours of heavenly music, covers about 4 running sessions.

    I really disappear into another world, without any interruptions except for my own breathing. Running is just the means to and end. It is the music that motivates me to get out…

    Enjoy your new discovery!


  2. Charlotte, can I just tell you how wonderful you are? You are so wonderful! I love project FGN.

  3. MP3 players rule!

    I’m another who finds exercise impossible without my ipod. Can I recommend Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin as one of the very best running tracks?

    Good luck with tacking No5.

  4. You go girl!!! This post made me want to get up and do a little victory dance. I can just smell those agents vying for your novel.

    Ipod…yes. My husband added a bunch of new songs to the one we share. We do have our own earphones however. He has gigantic ear holes or whatever they are and his headphones are always popping out of my ears. I digress, so I thought I’d try the shuffle feature instead of listening to my walking standards.

    I almost ended up crawling home. Some of the songs were sooo slooow. Goodness, he must not be working out!

  5. How do you find an agent anyway? Where do you start?

  6. Your post is full of energy, I guess the F of FGN project is quite successful. Good luck with Chapter 5, just keep writing!

  7. Oh wow, Charlotte, 5 kilometers! Wow, wow, wow, you inspire me so! Congratulations! You are one focused lady!


  8. I have yet to run a full 5km, despite doing 2 x 5km Race for Life events in the past 2 years. My system is 10 mins of running, 10 mins of VERY brisk walking (as fast as my friend can jog!!), 10 mins of running and shortly after starting to walk again, you cross the finish line!! I’m doing another one this year so maybe I should be in training… I must say though that I Do Not Like Running. I would far rather be on the rowing machine (crazy fool that I am…) and that makes for ripply triceps too 😉 Fit Gret Ripply-Tricepped Novelist? Yup , I could support that!

  9. Yay for ipods! For fitness! For grey lady-ness!

    But most of all, good for you for continuing on. You’ll get past the roadblock, by writing through it and you’ll certainly discover something about your story in the process.


  10. Had the same conversion today – I don’t really want to be thin, but I do want to be fit.

  11. I am so impressed by your fitness! That’s amazing! And don’t worry about the block. It’s asking you to pause and reconsider. There’s probably a way forward that is nothing more than a tiny green shoot in the darkness and it needs to grow a little before you will become fully aware of it. Trust yourself in the process. I have every faith in you.

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