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As a loyal subject of the Queen o’ Memes, I have to obey when she tags me, otherwise it’s off with my head.

Here, most obediently then, is my Rando-Meme of Seven (More) Facts About Me:

1. In 1985, I did a school project for Biology on HIV and AIDS.  Twenty-three years later, I am writing a novel in which one of my characters is an AIDS worker. In those intervening years, 25 million people have died of AIDS and people are still getting infected, and still dying. History will not be kind to the pharmaceutical companies who kept the price of ARVs artificially high and the governments who were slow to react in getting treatment to people, while dallying with AIDS denialists. And I’m talking about you, Thabo Mbeki.

2. Star Wars leaves me cold, but I used to loved Star Trek. I thought Captain Kirk was quite sexy.

3. I read The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and The Mail & Guardian online, and my favourite reading in all four is Mariella Frostrup’s agony column, in which she lambastes people for their idiotic life-choices. It’s a job I’d quite like: telling people why and how they need to pull themselves together. I listen to Radio Four online and my favourite programme is Open Book, hosted by Mariella Frostrup, in which she interviews famous authors about their latest novels. That’s another job, I wouldn’t mind having – either the interviewing or the being a famous author.

4. One of the things I miss about South Africa is the greasy toasted sandwiches made with plastic cheese and watery slices of tomato that you buy at garages on the highway.

5. I am a Charlotte married to a Thomas. My great-grandmother was a Charlotte married to a Thomas.

6. The older I get, the angrier I become. I am angry about entrenched privilege, about sexism, about fundamentalism, about the patriarchy, about blindly instituted religions, about men who hate to hear women speak. I suspect that my time as an activist is yet to come.

7. I self-medicate with books and chocolate. I don’t see that as a bad thing.

If you are tempted, consider yourself tagged. I tag my new friend, Diane.


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11 thoughts on “Rando-Meme

  1. Fun and interesting answers, as always. You could replace Mariella Frostrup with both hands tied behind your back. She gets all the good jobs, but she is not that great. And feel free to embrace the grumpiness – I was intrigued to read once that anger is a sign of hope. It shows you how things ought to be and is based on the fundamental belief that they really could be different.

  2. Sounds like your activism has already begun!

    Did you see the series grumpy old women? I expect to see you on a remake of it when you are a famous author!

  3. Thanks for the tag. I’m on it!

    Love the fact that you’re a Trekie (me too!) and not afraid to admit it.

  4. I was not aware of the ‘off with head’ clause in the tagging. I’ll be doing the meme right away, then.

  5. I am eight years behind you but I too find myself growing angrier and angrier but I have to admit I struggle with how to focus that anger, and how to advocate on behalf of the things that anger me. I’ve started in my own small way by changing my own behavior, but I can tell already it’s not going to be nearly enough!

  6. What is it about Mariella Frostrup and you? And I like your eclectic newspaper reading. Almost everyone I know reads the one paper to confirm their beliefs rather than challenge them. Nice to come across an exception.

  7. Well as my aunt always says “if everybody would just do what I tell them to do, they would have happy lives’. In retaliation for her sins… we don’t do anything at all that my Aunt suggests.

  8. So glad to see at least one of my subjects has obeyed me. Maybe you can be Queen o’ Memes for a Day or something, especially since we’re so much alike, no one will be able to tell the difference. Lateness likeness: self-medicating with books and chocolate, of course.

  9. Yikes, I’d better do mine too! I hope I bought a day or two by doing the other meme (it was so long!). I’m a Trekkie too, only Spock was my hero. I wanted so much to be like him, more logical, and sadly, even though I am logical, I have too much emotion. Much more like Dr McCoy instead. Cool about your great-grandparents, very….not sure about the anger, though I like what one of your commentators said about it being about ‘hope’. I’ll try that on my husband next time I yell at our politicians on tv (almost a daily occurrence sadly here). Self – medicate? I never thought of it that way…..I thought it was more necessary to survival…..but I like it! Very fun meme, now I’m off to do mine tomorrow. Let’s see if Mandarine or I can escape the wrath of Khan – oops, nope, that would be Becky…. 🙂

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  11. I could see you doing Mariella’s job… but I’d rather see you as the famous novellist! And it’s so funny, I also miss those greasy cheese and tomato sahdwiches! We were in Jersey in the hot summer of 2003 and came off the beach to a tiny hut where they were selling… toasted cheese and tomato sarmies. They were totally unreconstructed and totally un-chic and tasted like home, especially having just come off the beach. Delicious.

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