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The Extreme Cuteness


My son turned three this week, and is turning into a big boy. Big boy signs are eager use of potty at specific times of day, determination to do things by himself including laborious undressing at bathtime, and a rejection of the perambulator as a useful means of transport. He is a delightful child, loved to distraction by his parents, his sisters and all the little girls in his forest kindergarten, but one of the best things about him is his turn of phrase.

I give you some recent Ollie-isms:

Early one morning, as Mummy winds open the blinds: “Oh, today is purple!”

While out for a “walk” in the forest, 50% of which he spends being carried piggy-back by, you guessed it, Mummy:

Ollie: “Mummy, you are a nice girl.”
Mummy: “Thanks, Ollie, you are a nice boy.”
Ollie: “Oh, fank you, Mummy.”

Playing at Daddy’s feet, with two helicopters he has received for his birthday from very kind godparents and friends. One helicopter says to the other, “Darling, I’m just popping out to the shops.”

While “walking” in Mannheim:
Mummy: “Wouldn’t you like to walk now, Ollie? My back is getting a little sore.”
Ollie: “No. But fank you for the kind offer.”


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23 thoughts on “The Extreme Cuteness

  1. The kind offer made me laugh out loud. 🙂


  2. I laughed out loud at the kind offer too! Adorable.

  3. Hilarious! It is so great that you are writing some of these delightful phrases down; life so quickly moves on to new enchantments.
    BTW–That’s an interesting sound substitution for the hard th; I remember hearing “Sank you,” not “Fank you”; and soft th was pronounced z, as in “Muzzer,” not “Mother.” How does Ollie pronounce soft th?

  4. Oh, how sweet. I love the popping out to the shops line, myself. Happy birthday Ollie!

  5. “Fank you for the kind offer.” That’s utterly priceless. Dudelette’s started to encouragingly tell me “Good boy, daddy!” when ever I get something right. One really has to watch every word one says. Three! A marvellous age.

  6. Not only is the “thank you for the kind offer” hilarious and darling, it’s so good to know that other parents are training their children (no doubt by your good example!) at manners. How gracious.

  7. When my son was Ollie’s age, he went through a “fireman phase” where he could not be separated from his red boots, yellow rain slicker, and a red fire hat. One day, there was a genuine emergency in our neighborhood with dozens of firetrucks and real firemen racing to the rescue. But the most glorious moment came when the long ladder truck parked directly in front of our house. “Look, Mommy!” he shouted excitedly, “It’s the broken ladder truck!”

    That was thirteen years ago. I miss those days.

  8. Oh, I want tomorrow to be purple! And I just love the helicoptor that’s popping out to the shops.

  9. Fank you for the sweetness right before my bedtime! And happy birthday to a big boy!

  10. Fank you… I love this child.

  11. Wah, that is so cute! I’m glad I read that. Ollie has cheered up my morning! It seems that, like Kiko, he is a keen fan of “nice manners”. A certain son of mine has learnt that liberal use of “fank chew” allows him to wrap all in sundry round his little finger!

    I hope Ollie had a happy birthday. The third birthday is a special one, isn’t it?

  12. That little guy sounds like a really good listener! I hope he holds on to that.

  13. Oh, my Middle couldn’t pronounce his “ths” either – I was soooo sad when I caught him – at four years old, saying over and over to himself, “I am THree. I am THree. I am THree.”

    Such extreme cuteness is right…

  14. Aw, how sweet! TNC is two in a couple days and is just starting to form three-word sentences. I can’t wait until we can have little mini conversations like this.

  15. I never realised so many of my blog friends have children almost exactly the same age as my daughter. Happy Birthday to your cute little him. Loved the kind offer comment of his, burst out laughing.

  16. Charlotte “Fank You” for sharing your gorgeous munchkin with all of us! He is just too adorable! HAPPY HAPPY BIG 3 BIRTHDAY Ollie!

  17. That is beyond adorable. Fank you for sharing 🙂

  18. too cute!!! happy birthday to the big boy. i envy you just a little 🙂

  19. He sounds so cute. I love the language of young children. My daughter´s latest is “puffery godmother”.

    Happy Birthday Ollie!

  20. Congratulations on Ollie turning three! and the potty fun….currently doing same with our youngest, Graham, who turned three last November. Also hates his baby stroller and runs away at every chance, so we can no longer go anywhere with him to shop. Ever. Anywhere. You know what I mean!
    Love the ‘sank you’….I think he’s picking up German accents speaking English, since my Dutch step-father says ‘sank you’ also! (something about the language and ‘th’..)
    Cool that he colours days. Mine? so competitive that when he races with his sister to get dressed in the mornings (“who can get dressed first?” game) he cries when he loses – not just because he wanted to win, but he wanted his sister to lose!!!
    He also figured out the new remote control on our dvd player before anyone else did. Scary.
    And I love the Helicopter story!!! Does yours like Thomas the Tank engine? We have a permanent railroad track set up in our living room…..

  21. Aw, he’s funny AND has good manners! He’s a keeper!

  22. Adorable! When my eldest nephew Sam was about 3 and a half, he drove past a polo match with his parents and asked “Dad, why are the horsies playing golf?” Too cute!

    And it’s so funny when kids come out with something that is clearly picked up from their parents. A friend of mine was babysitting her (rake-thin, Posh Spice-like) sister-in-law’s daughter. At some point when she had her back turned to the little girl, she said “Gee, Aunty P., you’re a bit big in the bum, hey!” Oh dear!!

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