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Celebration Cake


Today, I celebrate two years of blogging. My blog is a toddler, and like all toddlers it likes a bit of cake. Over the years, I have written about love, friendship, AIDS, apartheid, feminism, family, parenting, children, books, writing, living in Germany and cake. My post on Lemon Drizzle Cake is still one of the most popular, at over 1500 hits.

To celebrate today’s anniversary, I’m doing a food meme, ruthlessly stolen from Emily and Susan, but in honour of today, it focuses on cake.

Five Random Things about Me and Cake:

1. The last cake I made was Nigella’s Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake, which I served as a dessert with creme fraiche and pomegranate seeds liberally doused in rosewater. Nigella says this cake is as “damp and sticky as gingerbread and quite as aromatic” and it is. My husband, who does not have a sweet tooth and is not desperately keen on cake, had two slices.

2. The next cake I’m going to make is something for Easter. I’m torn between Nigella’s Easter Nest cake which is chocolately, gooey and luxurious and her Rosemary Loaf cake, which is more restrained. I think I’m heading for the rosemary cake, because there’s going to be enough chocolate around this coming weekend, and the herb will provide a pleasant counterpoint. And I have a special fondness for loaf cakes.

3. Nigella is not my only reference point for cake, but almost. I have made Delia’s Victoria sponge cake and Jamie’s shortbread, but when I’m in the mood to bake a cake I always start with Nigella. Her recipes are fail-safe, delicious and seasonal. One of my raging successes was a chestnut cheesecake for Christmas. It was nutty and heavenly. I could have eaten the whole thing all by myself. Come to think of it, I probably did.

4. For birthdays, I am a traitor to Nigella. I always bake my mother’s stove-top chocolate cake, which contains buttermilk, cocoa and oil, and turns out fudgy and scrumptious. I once posted the recipe here.

5. I am intimidated by icing, and tend to prefer cakes that are icing-free or icing-light. My mother’s chocolate cake is wonderful because you pour the icing on while the cake is still hot, and it melts into the just-cooked cake, making it even fudgier. I admire people who can ice and decorate complicated cakes. Mine tend to be more rustic, but in a delicious kind of way.

One of my blog friends, Dorothy, shares a blog birthday with me. Happy Blog Day, Dorothy. It’s been fun being your twin. Would you like to share my cake?


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20 thoughts on “Celebration Cake

  1. Mmm…cake! The rosemary one sounds divine.

    Happy 2nd Bloggiversary! You know we’re going to keep reading.

  2. Congratulation. Two years. Many Hollywood marriages don’t last that long. What would we be if we hadn’t started out blogging. You and I wouldn’t have met! Unthinkable. A hug to you and a sticky icing-finger pat to your blog.

  3. Happy Blog Day, Charlotte and enjoy your cake! The dense chocolate loaf sounds just the thing for my family – is it in Feast? I’m not an icer either – I run to elaborate designs in Smarties and silver balls on chocolate butter icing and that is it. I just use Delia for a Christmas cake recipe and my Easter Simnel cake.

    My blog is also turning two this month – maybe I’ll have to steal your meme for the day – I’d better just check the date though – it would be terrible to miss it!

  4. Thanks, Christina. The rosemary loaf cake is a goodie.

    Lia, exactly. Thank goodness for blogging!

    Kit, the rosemary loaf cake is from Domestic Goddess. And make sure you don’t miss your blog birthday – I want to be there.

  5. Happy Blogday! I’m glad I found you close to the beginning. And one day, I might even make one of your recipes – they sound delicious.

  6. Happy Blog Day! The cakes have set my mouth to watering.

  7. Happy blog day Charlotte! Thanks for inviting me to share your cake — I most definitely want some! It looks lovely. We’ve had two great years, haven’t we?

  8. Happy Number 2! I’m happy I found you.

  9. Oh, happy anniversary – and so close to mine!

    My cakes look fancy, but the cake itself is generally from a box. For that matter, the icing usually is too. Now while the children are young, that suits them just fine. I wonder if that will change as they grow.

  10. Happy Birthday to Charlotte’s Web! I’m so glad you were born.

  11. Happy blogday! That cake looks very scrummy!!
    I take it you have all of Nigella’s books then?

  12. Happy Bloggiversary! It has been a wonderful two years. May there be many more!

  13. Happy Blog birthday! What a way to come back…with cake. YUM!

    Enjoy and have an extra piece of cake for me.

  14. Happy Blogiversary!

    I love Nigella’s clementine cake, and her Nutella cake. I was just thinking about the Easter Nest cake today — I might have to make that this week!

  15. Hurrah! you not only have Nigella’s cookbooks, but you’ve made the same chocolate cake I have! The Chocolate Loaf cake has become our favourite cake. It’s so easy to make!! and so good! I have to try the Easter cake now, and i bought a springform tin just so I could. I will let you know, after this weekend, although since i am drooling at the mere thought of the cake, I expect it will be a huge hit here too! I’m afraid I never get as far as her other cakes (being the chocoholic that I am). Have you tried the Gooey Chocolate Puddings from “How to Eat’? they really are yummy….*sigh* I sometimes think I could be her friend, from how she talks in her cookbooks too. We get her tv show over here – my husband is in love with her and always finds them on when I can’t find them!
    Congratulations on being two, blogbaby and Charlotte! I’m so glad I found you! May you have as much chocolate cake as you can, this year, and if you don’t mind, I’d love a slice of cake, just slide it over here to Canada……

  16. Happy Birthday to your blog, Charlotte! And what an amazingly extraordinary cake. Wow!

  17. Happy blog birthday1 And now I think I need to go get some cake (especially since I’ll soon be two as well).

  18. Happy blogday to you, happy blogday to you! Can’t believe it’s only been two years that I’ve been enjoying your quirky, erudite, lucid and literate posts (oh yes, and the stuff about shoes, hats and those crrrrrazy Germans!). Long may you continue!

    My four year (four!!) blogday is coming up in May so I’d better start thinking of some suitable way to celebrate it…

  19. Greetings,

    I’m looking for the instructions on how to cook a cake on the stove top. I have a friend whose mother has passed away and her mother used to make a chocolate mayonnaise cake and she told me that she used to do it on the stove top? I have only ever baked cakes in the oven? Can you give me some directions?

    Many thanks,


  20. Okay I’m just shamelessly hunting down your food posts, I admit it. Posts about cakes, to be more specific. I’m pretty sure my sister made Nigella’s Easter cake earlier this year and decorated the whole top with little speckled chocolate eggs. Looked good (in a rustic way) and tasted good from memory…

    Searching down your mum’s chocolate cake recipe next. As I live in fear of icing (and am in awe of people who seem to be able to manage to ice things perfectly) this cake sounds perfect for me.

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