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Red and Green




and Cucumber:


Otherwise known as: What You Have For Dinner When Your Husband is Out of Town.

(Eaten off the children’s plates en route to the kitchen.)

Very short post.

Otherwise known as: What You Blog When You’re on Deadline, and Still Have the Kitchen to Clean.

(Beautiful food photographs courtesy of Atomicshark on Flickr)

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

6 thoughts on “Red and Green

  1. You’re much healthier than me. When my husband is out of town it’s either popcorn or mashed potatoes for dinner.

  2. Not healthy, just lazy! If someone would cook me popcorn or mashed potatoes, I would eat them …

  3. When my husband’s out of town (which never happens anymore), it’s grilled cheese and ice cream. (Bet your kids would like that!)

  4. Emily, they would. And so would I. Would those be grilled cheese toasted sandwiches, she asked hungrily.

  5. The first week since I’ve moved here and been on my own, I couldn’t make anything except for egg whites. The second week, it was nothing but potatoes. I’m finally eating like a normal person again, but strawberries and cucumber sound appealing!

  6. Well that’s the best looking strawberry and cucumber I’ve ever seen! My kids and I have a whole ‘nuther menu when daddy’s out of town!

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