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New Look for Spring


Kerryn’s got a fabulous new look on her blog. She found it via Smashing Magazine, which is showcasing 45 blog headers to download for free. I had a look around and chose this lovely header, which encapsulates my new mood of optimism and the feeling that Spring Is Just Around the Corner. It is designed by Serjey Gorodenskiy.

Thanks for the pointer, Kerryn. Hope you don’t mind me leaping on the bandwagon.


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9 thoughts on “New Look for Spring

  1. Lovely new header. Oh, it does seem as though spring is just around the corner.

  2. Well, it was lonely up on this bandwagon…

    I love the choice you’ve made — it’s fresh and fun and definitely suits Spring.

  3. Beautiful header. Thank you for the pointer. I’m heading over there to take a look!

  4. Very pretty header.

  5. It looks gorgeous, Charlotte! Everyone plays with their site from time to time and I can never think what to do with mine! I’m no good at that kind of thing! Just to thank you as well for your edition of Tales from the Web – a treasure trove of bloggers for me to plunder – thank you!

  6. I love your new header. I think I’m going to have a look around that site myself!

  7. I love the header. Less creepy than previous ones (sorry, but your blue-eyed barbie doll or whatever it was freaked me out).

    When I cannot find anything suitable in my personal collection, I like to plunder in search of pictures for my website headers. I go to ‘advanced search’ and retain only those pictures which are released under a Creative Commons license authorizing modification (and commercial use, then I know the author is in earnest about sharing the work widely). As a retribution, I mention the name of the author and the corresponding flickr account, and everybody’s happy.

  8. Thanks for the reminder that now that the days are longer here, some flowers can’t be too far off.

  9. Thanks for the pointer, Charlotte!

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