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Gender Equality in Norway


I’d just like to point you to this great post about the amazing strides Norway has made towards gender equality. The country has set a global record: it has the highest number of female non-executive directors of companies (40%) in the world. Norway has achieved this after the introduction of a compulsory quota. Keep reading to the end, where there is a brilliant quote about Pippi Longstocking as a role model for girls. “Never sell yourself cheap. For your own sake and for the sake of all those women who come after.” I love that.

I was talking to a dear friend last night who is an executive in a South African company, and I made mention of her ability to “wing it”. “It’s true,” she laughed, “But don’t tell anyone.” In the light of this post I read, I want to retract that statement. Her experience is hard-earned and hard-gained. Don’t sell yourself cheap, you clever, wonderful friend of mine. You are worth every cent of that large salary, and you are earning it not only for yourself, but for our daughters.

If you are interested in hearing more about the Female Future project in Norway, you can listen to this BBC Women’s Hour programme on the same topic that I heard in January, here.

(By the way, the post I’ve linked to was written by my husband. I’m sleeping with a gender equality activist!)

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4 thoughts on “Gender Equality in Norway

  1. It’s heartening to know that some countries are making strides. My husband just made it back from an executive development program with his company. Out of the 12 participants, only one was female.

  2. What a cool hubby! Hmmm…Europe needs more babies being born, yet more people working to help pay for the needs of the aging population. Sounds like even more family benefits need to be implemented. Something I would love to see even a tiny bit of here in the US!

  3. As I wrote on your husband’s blog, if those Norweigans could just send some of that gender equality in the direction of the USA, we would all be so grateful…

  4. The situation is pretty dire in Asia too (Japan and Australia bring the numbers right down). It’s so unusual for there to be a woman in charge that I find I frequently have to assert myself very firmly in meetings right from the off.

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