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Just Call Me Martha


Should you cook brown rice, carrots, broccoli and chicken breast in a lemon and honey glaze for lunch,

And should your children be sick with ear infections, strep throats and a “big auwa in my toof”,

And should they be – for reasons known only to themselves – unable to eat the meal you have prepared for them,

And should this irritate you because the food is bloody delicious,

(You know because you ate it),

Yet you don’t want to eat it all yourself,

And you really, really don’t want to throw it away,

Then slice and dice and julienne it all down to within an inch of its former size,

Douse it with soya sauce,

Stir-fry it in sesame oil,

Serve it in a blue and white bowls with chopsticks,

And call it “Chinese Supper”.

There. That’s all I’m going to say about that.


Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

13 thoughts on “Just Call Me Martha

  1. Wow, I’m impressed! Much more sophisticated than my recent success at getting my daughter to eat vegetables — puree them, mix in some applesauce and squirt the concoction into her mouth via an icing bag, which she thinks is hilarious.

  2. That sounds like a fabulous meal–my kids would have scarfed that right up! I hope you all feel much better soon…what is it right now, International Ick Week? My son is home again with a fever and far too much mucus.

  3. Great improvisation. I can imagine it tastes nice, but I can’t imagine it looks half as beautiful as it did before it hit the fan.

  4. Pure genius. I’ll call you Better Than Martha! 🙂 The things we do to get them to eat, eh? I’m sure that when the little ones are better they’ll also appreciate that meal in its original form. Get well soon!

  5. Wow, that’s brilliant!

    Kids’ food preferences are just insane. I know they do it to drive us crazy.

  6. Brilliant. Perhaps you should do a cookbook on the topic?

  7. Mothering certainly brings out the creative cook in us. We are now in the “no rice” stage. Two weeks ago it was all things rice. Rice and eggs, rice pudding, rice topped with beans, rice, rice, rice. Well, that’s over and milk is in. Chocolate milk, warm milk, cold milk, soy milk, milk shakes…but no rice milk!

    Glad your creativity worked.

  8. We’ve just been through a porridge phase but I gather that he’s already ordered scrambled eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning (breakfast is always my job). Dudelet’s never really done rice but is very keen on noodles for some reason. Dudelette has little interest in anything except milk. Milk she’s keen on.

  9. It worked, in case you were wondering…..

  10. I have got to back on the culinary wagon….

  11. Yet another reason I could never be a mother.

  12. Mmmmm, that sounds delicious. I just had a jam sandwich and popcorn for dinner.

    I find that I cannot predict what Kiko will and won’t eat, he is soooooooooo contrary! He’s going through a phase of leaving entire meals untouched right now – no matter what the meal is – although today when I flung third-time-around leftovers on the table, he ate the lot.

    I hope your darlings are feeling better and that the “big auwas” have gone away.

  13. LOL – very clever! Hope the kids are better now – there’s nothing worse than making a lovely meal and your audience is too ill to enjoy it!

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