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Thrilled To Be A …


You Are a Semi-Colon

You are elegant, understated, and subtle in your communication.
You’re very smart (and you know it), but you don’t often showcase your brilliance.
Instead, you carefully construct your arguments, ideas, and theories – until they are bulletproof.
You see your words as an expression of yourself, and you are careful not to waste them.

You friends see you as enlightened, logical, and shrewd.
(But what you’re saying often goes right over their heads.)

You excel in: The Arts

You get along best with: The Colon

Thanks to Jade and Susan for pointing me to this!

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

11 thoughts on “Thrilled To Be A …

  1. I’m a question mark. Apparently.

  2. I’m a colon. (Which, eww, that could easily be misconstrued, couldn’t it?)

    But anyway, we are compatible which I already knew from reading your blog. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

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  4. I’m a comma, which my mind is insisting on reading as coma, which gives me some pause for thought.

  5. I must be very giddy today. I’m an exclamation point!

  6. dash! The “–” will never be the same for me again. 😛

  7. I’m a question mark.
    Am I?
    You think so?

  8. I was a comma. But I’m not convinced.

  9. I’m a question mark too – I was going to follow that with “or am I??” but I see that similar has already been done.

    Great minds think alike.

    Or do they?

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