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Skiing By Numbers


25 – Blue runs skiied

24 – Public usages of bad language

23 – Age of my skiing instructor

21 – Age of the other person on my ski course

18 – Age difference between her and me

17 – Times I kept the youngsters waiting

15 – Minutes Daisy waited at the bottom of the slope on the day we “skiied down the mountain together”

10 – Red runs skiied

8 – Humiliating fear-related tumbles

7 – Times my children flew over my head in a lift screaming “Look, everyone, there’s our Mummy!” as I tried to lever myself out of the snow on the edge of a cliff

5 – Hot chocolates consumed on slopes

4 – Times I nearly fell off the lift

6 – Days in which I skiied

6 – Nights in which I went to bed early

1 – Night in which I partied

4 – Glasses of red wine I drank that night

6 – Jaegermeisters I drank that night

3 – Songs I sang loudly into the microphone – with dancing – for the listening pleasure of my audience (Sweet Caroline, Mustang Sally and can’t remember the other one)

1 – Time I cried at breakfast

1 – Wonderful new friend made on skiing holiday

1 – Full-body massage enjoyed

1 – Cheese fondue relished

1 – Black run skiied

0 – Disfiguring accidents

Clearly I have this skiing lark taped.

Author: charlotteotter

Novelist, feminist, crime writer

27 thoughts on “Skiing By Numbers

  1. Jaegermeister!! Ooh you brought back some bad, but fond memories of my youth. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and did great on the slopes to boot.
    No disfiguring accidents…that’s a pro in my book.

  2. Sounds like you will have some great memories and stories to tell from the trip. I think I’d be the same with the drinking outnumbering the skiing. Well done on no injuries! Glad to have you back.

  3. Sounds amazing, but since 0 is the number of times I’ve done most of the above (except the red wine) I need plenty of imagination to feel the icy air, and tingle of snow flakes, when today we’ve been sweltering in unusual hot humidity, waiting for the storm to break and put out the summer bush fires….

  4. Charlotte, you are a master of irony. Well done. Glad to hear you survived. My, what I wouldn’t given to be in the audience for the Sally and I-can’t-remember-the-other-one. What are the chances of you doing it all over again?

  5. OMG, you did a black run?? You so totally rock. Although I do think I have the edge on you in the use of bad language stakes. There is a whole generation of small kids who have had their vocabulary catastrophically expanded by yours truly on the Andorran slopes at Christmas. And my list includes frustrated and humiliated weeping!! Next time we should go together – only I’ll stick on the easy peasy blue runs 😉

  6. I would love to hear your rendition of “Mustang Sally”! Sounds like you had a wonderful, if slightly humiliating, time.

  7. Hmmmm, I think I would have the hot chocolates but none of the actual skiing. You are much braver than me!

  8. The best number there? 0 disfiguring accidents. It sounds like you had a wonderful time, fear related tumbles aside.

  9. Although I used to be proud of my skiing level, I never feel ‘piste’ anymore. Last time I went skiing, I felt weary/bored after the first morning, even though the conditions were the best possible. Now snowshoe walking, igloo making, and snowy silence listening, these are the things that still make a winter mountain holiday appealing to me.
    I am glad you are still alive.

  10. Whee! But. Only 5 hot chocolates (or was it 4)? – I think you could have fit in a couple more!
    Sounds all in all like a wonderful trip. I am greatly looking forward to the day I can take a winter holiday like that one. Hopefully I will be very rich and can follow it a month later with a holiday somewhere beachy and oceany…

  11. Charlotte, I love your skiing by numbers post 🙂 I am envious 🙂

  12. sounds wonderful, charlotte, but … awww, why did you cry at breakfast?

  13. Dear Charl, glad you have the skiing taped! We were expecting nothing less, but didn’t want to pressure you beforehand… but only 5 hot chocolates? (wrinkles forehead)…

  14. p.s .. how are your thighs???

  15. Too funny…sounds like my misadventures skiing – glad I am not alone.

  16. Well done luvvy! – you are the poster girl for all of us that need a little helping hand down the slopes… Great read… Why did you cry at breakast? poor poppet.

  17. Get writing that novel so that we can afford to go again…

  18. yeah! off you go to your novel! (did you hear the crack of that whip?)

  19. I did a black run once. I took off my skis and walked down after I had spent about 5 minutes snow plowing back and forth across the (what looked to me) completely vertical slope. My BF of the time was completely disgusted with my decision to walk rather than ski. I informed him that I had broken my leg once skiing when I was in fifth grade and I wasn’t interested in repeating the experience and he could just bite me.

    I sure wish I had been there to see Mustang Sally!

  20. That “0” would have been about “10” for me. Glad you made it home with no disfigurements.

  21. So those tears at breakfast were the result of Day Three Attitude. This is apparently a documented symptom of new skiiers: on Day Three, the muscles hurt badly, Day Two is a recent and hideous memory and all they want to do is crawl into bed and forget that they ever tried to ski. My friend said to me, “You can miss Day Four, but you absolutely cannot, ever, miss Day Three.”

    So I cried, went up the mountain and had a fabulous morning of skiing.

  22. Chocolate, I am so impressed! I agree with Thomas re. the get the novel going. I want to see the karaoke myself too!

  23. I could almost imagine myself going skiing after reading that – almost! Am very impressed by all of this. Especially the full body massage. I think I”d rather ski!

  24. Hey your number ones were definitely your best moments.

  25. I’ve just stopped trying to ski. I mean, really, why ski when you can curl up in front of stone fireplace with a glass of red and a good book?

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