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Seven Things I Approve Of


This is a meme I’m boldly lifting from the blog of Hover Frog, someone I visited for the first time only today. I’m spreadin’ the word, Froggy One …

Seven Things I Of Which I Heartily Approve:

1. Sunshine

In my eyes right now, causing me to squint. I love it and its shiny goodness. Could have more of it, though.

2. Exercise

I approve strongly of exercise. Whether I do enough of it is questionable.

3. Yellow grass on a blue-skied Natal winter’s day, with the Drakensberg looming up behind me in all its majesty

I approve of this so badly it hurts. I ache for an African winter, with its dryness, its yellow and its blue. If you want to hear more about this particular beauty, watch Ash read Doris Lessing here.

4. Evenings of food, wine and laughter with my dearest friends

Without this, life would not be worth living. It is what lifts me and carries me. Especially if it ends in colour-coding the bookshelves. Or silly dancing. Even if it results in frog-in-mouth feeling the next day.

5. Compassion

An under-rated quality. I vote for a compassionate world.

6. Having time to be still

The older I get, and the busier I become, the more I seem to need alone time, down time, time to go quiet and listen to the still, small voice inside. Without it I become harried, anxious and jittery.

7. Rude quantities of Champagne

Or Sekt, or cremant, or sparkling wine – as long as it has gentle, melt in the mouth bubbles. One of the things that living in Europe has taught me is a fine appreciation of a €5 bottle of something sparkly.

I tag you, dear reader. This meme will put you in weekend mood. Now where’s that Sekt, again?

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13 thoughts on “Seven Things I Approve Of

  1. Why, Hover is a friend of mine too! I’ve added you to my blogroll, by the way. 🙂

    And I like numbers 4 and 6 above particularly!

  2. Whoa! Hello.

    I especially like your number 6. Stillness is highly underrated.

  3. Thanks so much for the link!

    I heartily approve of all of your approvals. Currently a huge affinity with number 7.

  4. Compassion! Oh yes. I need more of that (but can one ever have enough). Though you Charlotte, evidently have a pretty substantial supply. I may well run with this one next week.

  5. Hi there, Tender. Yes, I found the Hoverfrog via you. I have blogrolled you too.

    Greetings, Herr Frog. Stillness is underrated, and in my house, underpracticed. I can’t convince my two-year-old not to climb on me while I’m trying to do my very meditative sun salutations.

    Ash, sometime soon you are going to have to visit me, with the scientific aim of trying out German Sekt. Last year’s invitation still stands!

    U-Dad, thanks for the compliment. These meme is a good one – I look forward to your responses.

    Thanks Ms Bluemilk.

  6. Great meme and lots of lovely approval. We could do with more of that sunshine over here – it’s nothing but dreary, dreary grey at the moment. Yuk.

  7. Compassion- something I have seen very little of recently…as cynicism rules heavily in my new profession. Being ‘soft’ is sneered at and dismissed with derision and contempt. There are, however, a few underground compassionate’s, thank goodness!

    Perhaps a day of being a Samaritan to an awful parent, horrid sibling or friend that has lost the plot? I’m only suggesting one day, as tolerence is only achieved through slow, but steadily increasing exposure.

    Peace V

  8. Those few precious seconds first thing in the morning just after you’ve woken up and just before the full horror of the day ahead hits you. Or do I just sound like a depressive in denial?

  9. Oh I so agree with pretty much all of those. Bring on more sunshine, and I also get very ratty if I don’t have some quiet alone-time every day. But most of all, bring on the bubbly. It makes absolutely everything better 🙂

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