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Editing and Sleep


It being very amusing to edit when Germans in English write. They are liking the big, large, giant lists. Especially the noun pile-up (e.g. “organization structure process chain transformation” etc) and also the parentheses (brackets, for e.g.). A great favourite the passive sentence is, which on and on winds up and down the hills and roundabout, until the poor editor wondering what the point is. The making of verbs into nouns a most excellent pasttime is, including e.g. strategization, optimization, nominization, etc. Also, abounding is the use of jargon (words, excessive over-use, trend) which the whole thing equally complicates. Leveraging the jargon for e.g., the editor’s confusion surely deepens. The writing of the idea, the putting down of it on paper in long sentences that minus the active verbs are makes the editor thinking of going to sleep an optimal strategy is.

Maximizing the sleep time the editor (e.g. me, Charlotte etc) a very good idea discovers, not all night staying awake after tending to the sick children who puking are and having the very high temperatures. Thinking of December, in retrospect, looking back, etc, the extreme ongoing sickness of the children with the flu, the puking, the concussion and the many other small things that the editor no longer remembering is, is making of a very exhausting exercise. Also, having forgotten the editor wonders how her own friends look. Having seen them briefly at a party (celebration etc) last night, but then having the very quick getaway with sick children to make.

Especially, optimizing the sleep strategy very strategic is being the week of birthdays and three parties, also with the baking of cakes, the planning of party games, the wrapping of gifts and the monitorization of small, excited, happy, little children, etc. Very forward-thinking is also getting sufficient sleep so as to encourage the enjoyment of the editor’s own birthday for which the family on Saturday many adequate presents did purchase. Also the sleep acquisition potentially aid the editor to acquisition the energy herself a cake to bake, the making of the bed of the guest of honour (e.g editor’s brother, etc), the telephonization of Miele finally to arrive and fixing the broken tumble-dryer and the achieving of sundry, other, multiple tasks piling up on the editor’s mental list of not-done things to be doing.

Especially, the making of a mug of hot, warm, soothing milk with the addition of sweet, pleasing honey the editor to sleep will optimize, maximize and elucidate.

Good night.


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26 thoughts on “Editing and Sleep

  1. LOL, Charlotte!

    But seriously, here’s a {HUG} to you ~ hope the sick kiddies are getting better, and that Mommy (a) does not worry too much, and (b) gets the rest she needs, and (c) has a wonderful birthday where challenges simply fade into the background and cake, tea and SMILES make up the foreground.

  2. Oh, did I laugh! Not only because what you wrote was funny, but because, after reading such texts over and over again in the last twenty-five years of living happily in Germany, the sentences thus structured made complete sense, and aroused much pity and sympathy in my heart for your difficult, but perhaps still surmountable situation. Might I suggest that the organization and accusation of best sleep accumulator would be a stiff drink considering all that you guys have been through.

  3. LOL over here too! It all perfect sense made.

  4. *rofl*

    charlotte, your german must be exellent if you managed this genglish post without much trouble. you had me in stitches. sounds like you have been reading mark twain.

  5. I’m a little scared that I could read that so quickly. You write clearly and well even in Germlish! Hope you’re all feeling better and well rested so you can enjoy this festive week.

  6. There is a myth here in France that Germans speak perfect English… The mystery is solved, they actually have very patient editors! (this must be a relative myth, meaning only that they speak better English than the French do, which is easy) Thanks for the laugh! And have a good night’s rest!

  7. Thanks for the laugh! Happy cake baking and party making to you!

  8. That made me laugh too – and reminds me of a post I did here, should you care to take a look: the difference is, I used an online automated translator to translate into German and then back to English..

  9. You have all my most refined and involved sympathies for I too am collaborating on the editing of a most exquisite web site featuring Italian traditionally crafted and realised handbags of extraordinarily fine workmanship. The sentences also go on for hours and hours until I am tired and weary but at least the verb happens early on in the sentence, so that although I have to tone down some of the long lists of adjectives and refer back to the original Italian to work out what on earth they are trying to say it is not completely impossible to transform it into something passably English! I hope your workload fades out into an enjoyable array of birthday celebrations.

  10. That’s hysterical, and I’m feeling you on the sleep thing. All Germans at heart a gene of Yoda have. They do a powerful lust for grammar have.

  11. I was laughing out loud so merrily I to Jim had to read this wonderful post!

  12. Too, too funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  13. The Swedes are just as bad. Because they all think they “know” English, they very often don’t bother to get a real native translator to do things. The results can be amusing. And they love their long compound words – “transportindustriforbundet” being my favourite example.

  14. …or even: “sammanträdesprotokollsförarebefattning”

  15. Oooh gal,you are a riot. Happy happy birthday. I wish you many more funny moments in the year ahead. And boy do I wish you love!

  16. The that you so skiffully written have article has me laugh to tears made.

    You are hard on the poor Germans. I work with them all the time and don’t find it that difficult. Some sentences need rewiring, no big deal.

  17. I was going to ask if Yoda didn’t write this sentence: “Maximizing the sleep time the editor (e.g. me, Charlotte etc) a very good idea discovers, “ but I see that (Un)RelaxedDad has beat me to it. You made me laugh. Hope the kiddos are better and you get some restorative sleep.

  18. Look at you and your new banner! Looks fab 🙂 And what a hilarious post – I can actually hear the German accented English as I read. I have something that I must email you about foreigners mangling English too – remind me if I forget 🙂 Hope all the trials and tribulations settle down as Christmas approaches and that you get some sleep sometime soon!

  19. Oh, dear! You take care and have a happy holiday season!

  20. You know, you have really had a rough december of it. It says so much about the kind of person you are that your amazing humor still shines through. I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself for just not feeling perfectly well, and here you have to deal with puking children. I hope things improve soon – it is the season, after all!

  21. Best wishes from me too, hope you have a good Christmas 🙂

  22. Ha ha ! This reads like a lot of the emails my husband receives at work. You really nailed the German style.

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