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Bloat, Wretches!


I found a link to the Internet Anagram Server (or I, Rearrangement Servant) on Smiler’s blog and have spent a happy half-hour browsing the anagrams for Charlotte’s Web. (Actually it was longer; there were 16457 of them.)

After some agonising, my top fifteen are:

1. Bloat, Wretches
2. Cable the Worst
3. Crab Hotel Stew
4. The Crow Bleats
5. Chatter’s Elbow
6. Lab Chews Otter
7. Hot Secret Bawl
8. We Rob Chattels
9. The Scarlet Bow
10. The Rectal Swob
11. We Latch Sorbet
12. We Chat Lobster
13. The Scrotal Web
14. To Claw Sherbet
15. Chatter’s Bowel

I think my favourite for its sheer random lunacy is “We Chat Lobster.” What’s yours?

Then, because that wasn’t enough, I tried anagramming my name. These were my favourites:

1. Tattler Cheroot
2. Treacle Hot Trot
3. Chalet Retro Tot
4. Chatter Re Lotto
5. Carrot Teeth Lot
6. Cattle Hero Tort
7. Cattle Retort, Ho!
8. To Race Throttle
9. Retract The Loot
10. Lac Hotter Otter

If you are tempted to play anagrams, please let me know and come back and tell me your favourites. Anagram Weekend = Meander Weak Nag!

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20 thoughts on “Bloat, Wretches!

  1. Ah, hilarity on a Saturday night.
    My blog and alter ego Oh Waily Waily doesn’t lend itself to thousands of anagrams apparently, but the best of those generated were…
    – Ahoy Wail Wily
    – Hail Way I Yowl (for my inner cat, I believe)
    – Hay Ya I Will Ow (after the cost of the renovations – definitely true!)

    My own name comes up with a mere 33 options but there is one complete standout that suits me to a tee…
    Nap Keenly

    Oh, and I sound slightly demented Scottish with…
    Nay Elk Pen

    Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  2. Ahoy you Wily Wail! May I join you in some keen napping?

  3. My favorite for me – Carnal Where Lent

  4. If you rebaptized your blog “The Scrotal Web”, I bet you’d get loads of hits!

  5. Love that, Chantelle! Lent’s carnality and all that.

    Lesley, have you run an anagram for Peregrinations? It’s got to be good.

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  7. I’m too scared to check.

    Just want to say this is my first visit since you’ve adopted your new look and I like it!

  8. Oh, but Ian, Letters Home = Heteros Melt and Tether Moles! You need to know this.

  9. PS Thanks, glad you like the new look. I was getting a little bored of Press Row and, despite your post about breaking up with your WordPress theme, managed to move on fairly swiftly without regret.

  10. I really like We latch sorbet, myself! How fun! And I love the new look!

  11. Chatter’s Elbow just cracks me up, because it brings to mind a very vivid image of sitting around the table with some coffee, chatting-chatting-chatting. (I’ve had red elbows from this, honestly.)

    And of course, for your name, you have to go with Cattle Retort, Ho! Just so you can say “Moo!” to anything you want to.

    This is so much fun! My own blog translates to Crash Pip Pop! or Poppa Chirps … yup, that makes me feel VERY chirpy, LOL! Thanks for the chance to laugh, Charlotte!

  12. Be careful, that thing is addictive. Before you know it you’ll be anagraming everyone you’ve ever known and when that’s not enough you’ll be stopping strangers on the street to ask them their names. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Oh, and my favourite is “We Rob Chattels”.

    Thanks for the link!

  13. What fun! I’ll have to post some for Telecommuter Talk. Meanwhile, I love Crab Hotel Stew — succulen pieces of hotel in a garlic, butter, and tomato sauce served by the finest crab establishments.

  14. That’s “succulent” not “succulen.”

  15. oh this is hilarious… I love quite a lot of them, can’t really decide. I’m going to play with it for this whole rainy Sunday!

  16. I like Chatter’s Bowel and Treacle Hot Trot! (Rather intestinal of me.)

    Let’s see, Anthromama becomes
    Amaranth Om
    Marathon Ma
    Ah An Art Mom

    Henitsirk becomes
    Thinker Is
    Thine Risk
    Tire Knish

  17. that is all pretty funny!!!!

  18. Apparently, I am Sidetrack Angel bzw. Lacerated Kings.

  19. God Charlotte, this is hilarious. I am shamelessly stealing 🙂

  20. I’m doing a Kryptos Anagram contest if anyone is interested.


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