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NaBlo Round-Up


Well feather me gently and call me ticklish, I made it: 30 damn long days of daily posting. All amidst my busiest working month since I left the mother ship in 1999 to make sproglets. All amidst week-long headaches, a family bout of conjunctivitis and sundry other coldy things, two weekends of lying in bed sickly, my mother’s visit. I am pleased that I did it and relieved that it’s over.

Thanks to all my cohorts who Nabbed alongside me: Kerryn, Helen, Aphra, Lizzy, YogaMum, Lia, Jeanne, (Un)Relaxeddad (who’s about to be a dad again), Susie, the Costa Rica Jen, the UK Jen, Reed, Bine, the very wise Mandarine, Amity, Thordora, Dorothy, Kristine, Ms Magic Hands, Ms Waffle, Gill, Sognatrice and the very lovely Stuntmother – You Did It! Hooray, and pass the gin.

To my new Nablo friends: Alida, Chantelle, velocibadgergirl, texasgurl, Dublin City Girl, Robin and Amanda, You Did It Too!

To Eden, who organised the whole damn thing, well done! From 2000-odd participants last year to more than 6000 this year is quite an achievement. And if you are moved to send me a prize, please don’t hold back.

To those who fell by the wayside, you choose life over blogging, which was probably the sane call.

To those who turned up and commented even when I was mining the deepest depths of lint-bearing rock, thank you.

To those who sent me a Ning friend request, but never once turned up and commented, well there you go. Some people just can’t mingle.

To the weird guy in Korea who wants to sell me stuff, go away. I don’t want to be your friend.

To those who have Xanga or Live Journal blogs, I tried, but I absolutely cannot read them.

To those who insulted my ears with their latest listening pleasure every time I turned up at your blogs, I left again immediately without reading or commenting. Keep your music in your iPod.

To those who have complicated design thingies that take 10 seconds to load, I left. Sorry.

To those who were trying to sell stuff on their blogs, I left. Not sorry.

To those who abused apostrophes, I left.

But to those who were witty, wonderful, wise, and know how to use an apostrophe despite deep propaganda that this (I ate two cake’s) or this (the cat ate it’s cake) is The Correct Way to Punctuate, keep on bloggin’! For every crap blog out there, there’s a good one.

And to those of you who kindly gave money to a cause that lies dear to my heart, thank you, thank you and thank you again. In the (not necessarily grammatically correct) words of the South African struggle, each one, help one. That’s the only way forward.

And I’d also like to thank my grandmothers and my cat, who are all dead, but who were definitely rooting for me in heaven. Thanks guys, any prizes I may or may not get I will dedicate to you.

And now, would someone please beat me over the head with a very heavy object so that I can relax …






Lilac-breasted roller

(Thanks to David Moore for the photo)

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27 thoughts on “NaBlo Round-Up

  1. Even more lovely than the lilac-breasted roller itself is the way South Africans say it. 😉

    Enjoy your blogging breather, if that’s what you plan. Looks like there are a few out there you won’t miss at all! My sentiments exactly on all of your points.

  2. I did not exactly fall by the wayside, but have certainly not been as assiduous as you have. Which means I still have some posting to do into December to set the record straight.

    Please do not stop blogging too long…

  3. Yay! Congratulations! And glad we got to meet through the NaBloPoMo madness

  4. Well done Charlotte. Even when the lint-bearing rock was in evidence (was it? really?) you were still a bright spot in my day. I do hope you win a prize! You deserve it.

    Just one more to go and I can join you in relaxing. And pretending that my blog doesn’t exist, just for a few days.

  5. Congratulations, Charlotte! I thought it was a full month of wonderful, noteworthy posts, no lint-mining as far as I could see!

  6. What a thank you list you have there! It appears you’ve had a lot of fun, even with the ‘duds’ encountered along the way. Congrats for sticking it out all 3o days. 😀

  7. I haven’t written my last NaBloPoMo post yet – saving it for later. Yes, well done us! And what was with that Korean guy?

  8. Such an awesome end of NaBlo post! I still have to write mine…should I take it down to the proverbial wire or what?

    I’ll be back here to look at some of those links, particularly your new NaBlo friends 🙂

  9. Congratulations Charlotte! You have permission to breathe now… 😉

  10. I see you tortured yourself with the randomizer too huh? 🙂

    I’d love a prize as well.

  11. Congrats and don’t stop blogging! You always have something so intriguing, beautiful and/or enlightening to share.

    I’m done too! Woo hoo!

  12. It’s great to be done!! Whoops. I still haven’t posted today yet.

  13. Congratulations Charlotte, you made through all the odds and gave me something to look forward to, as I knew that every day I’d be guaranteed something good to read – linty or not!

    Sorry I chickened out of joining in this year but I’m glad I did – there are at least a few remnants of sanity left to me, even though I’m still almost behind (though if I juggle nicely over the weekend I could bring it all together at the last minute) on several deadlines, including all the school photos that I still have to print out…

  14. You made it! I won’t ever even attempt NaBl…whatever it’s called. :o) Now, go to bed and take a well deserved break.

  15. Here’s to a well deserved break. (sorry about the apostrophe.) I have so enjoyed reading your blog and so many that you recommended. It’s been fun. Don’t think that just because Nablopomo is over, I won’t be checking in. I will, just not everyday. Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Congratulations Charlotte! I enjoyed reading every post you wrote this month — now enjoy a break, but don’t stay away too long!

  17. Wow, I’m so happy for you!

  18. Congratulations to you too! I’m glad I found you. And I hear you about the apostrophes — nothing is a quicker blog turnoff than poor writing or punctuation.

  19. Enjoyed reading all of your posts. Keep on blogging — even if it isn’t every day.

  20. Woot! Yay Charlotte. I want to know more about those stories you’re going to/and are writing. You are amazing. xoxoxox

  21. Well done you!! I bugged out early I’m afraid – I suddenly couldn’t face it! Weird how blogging is like that sometimes. Have a lovely relaxing (?!) December. x

  22. Woo hoo! We did it. I’m holding out hope for a NaBlo coffee mug. That would make it all worth it. Even if on two days all I posted was ‘I hate NaBlo’ or something similar.

  23. Congratulations! One of the best things of NaBloPoMo is meeting new people and discovering new blogs and I’m really glad I found yours. So yes, I’ll be coming back as well. :0)

  24. Hey Charlotte, you can really pat yourself on the back for seeing it through during a highly challenging month. You are a finisher through and through!

    Thank you for the inspiration … and still finding time to encourage others.

    A halo for you!

  25. Well done choc.

  26. OMG, we did it! And well done you for reflecting on it all. I planned to and then it all started falling apart on the 30th. Major issues witht the aged computer (discovered at like 23h00, of course) that would not boot up, husband snoring away so nobody to even ask advice from, and me thinking “great, I blogged 29 days for nothing!!”. At least with an early-morning laptop session I managed to squeak in that last post, but by then I was ready to run screamign into the street and punch a passerby. As you do. So no roundup from me – and then it was straight into MORE computer trouble as my webmail’s user interface went down all weekend and I coudl not do the WTSIM roundup. And now I am co-ordinating Menu for Hope IV. Not a lot of time or inclination for reflection! So I’ll just say “yes – everything that she said!”.

    So… NaNoWriMo next year?!

  27. Congratulations on NaBlo, Charlotte! I got through it too, thank heavens! And I did not win a prize. Oh well, I was afraid I would win the download of tunes for my iPod (don’t have one!).

    I tortured myself with the randomizer as well. Amazing how many bloggers there are out there who consider a two sentence post an actual blog post. The ones I couldn’t stand were the ones where their cats were talking to us in baby talk, as well as the ones that were strictly commercial. Since I generally have my speakers turned off when I am on the computer, I wasn’t bothered by the folks who were posting their favorite tunes. In fact, I was unaware of their existence!

    The only time I turn the speakers on is when I want to listen to a video. Otherwise, they are off because I really hate all the little noises the computer makes to tell me that someone has sent me an email, or I have done something it disapproves of. Silence is blessed, and my speakers have an “off” switch. Otherwise, I’d be unplugging them all the time.

    BTW, I like your new look although it was a complete shock when I arrived. I wasn’t sure I was at the right place!

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